Top Dog LA


Costco in my book has one of the key components of a great hot dog. Their meat to bun ratio is gold. Costco is a more hot dog forward preparation.


OPairs great with the gratis lemon lime beverage; the acidity balancing out the unctuousness of the Costco hot dog.


I usually go with the light lemonade to complement my Costco Polish…


My favorite on the current fucking scene is fucking Carneys.

And that ain’t no fucking joke.


[quote=“A5KOBE, post:101, topic:1117”]
Costco in my book has one of the key components of a great hot dog. Their meat to bun ratio is gold. Costco is a more hot dog forward preparation.
[/quote] Good but to much weiner for me, and somewhat salty . Ha Haa


Low price good dogs and cold beer too


was pleasantly reminded that while that disney corndog is great, the best corndogs in the OC (and LA) may well be the Viking Food Truck

the “nemesis” uses a smoked bratwurst and it’s formidable.

I wish i was closer


which fucking joint ???

carney’s ???

and chocolate covered frozen bananas too if so.


draft beer at carneys…i find that that although not free it complements the unctuous nature of the frank better than lemon lime soda


Smart & Final $5.99 on sale, they also have Hoffy casing dogs (a la Pinks) on sale for $6.99 family pack 23oz.


Those nathans ones are thin and snappy they way i like em—makes it easy to have like 69 of them – well, ok, im no joey chesnut, kobayashi or matt stonie the current champ…personally and i guess the lines show im in the minority, but im just not a big fan of the dog meat at pinks…i make an exception – well many exceptions – for the one with jalapenos inside with the dogmeat, like in the jalapeno chili cheese dog…


Portillo’s Chicago Dog in Buena Park before Knott’s Scary Farm. :scream:


I take that back.

To me Portillos is even better than those delicious fucking tube steaks from Carneys.

But I’m never in the area. However that may just be a very very good thang.


if u like vienna beef – martys on pico is great. large “dinner size” vienna beef franks too. no chicago dog per se but they can try…wiener, for me, and maybe i don’t see it due to your artsy fucking black and white shot, i like the little sport peppers.


The spicing in the dog meat from Portillos and that bun is beyond fucking dope.


No sport peppers for me “I’m a spice wimp” Good eye.


Wiener then it ain’t a Fucking Chitown dog.

It’s a crucial fucking component par excellence.

But hopefully you didn’t skimp on the fucking Day-Glo relish ???


Marty’s is fucking dope in its own way.

the kevin special:

a cheeseburger topped with a split vienna beef dog, grilled, lettuce, tomato, onions, that paste-y chili, american cheese to give it that biting, overly salty processed flavor that you need in a fast-food cheeseburger and of course a gelling agent par excellence to meld the myriad ingredients together, and a messed of fried pastrami on the grill.

and you know what ???

it still looks pretty fucking dainty and genteel if you will.

which is to say you can devour two of them without nary breaking a sweat.

usually i get that “kevin special” and add another dog or polish dog to the mix.

and wash that crap down with copious amounts of diet coke.


The combo is the lightest sandwich that has a burger dog chili cheese and bacon I agree. Once had them cater my then girlfriend now wife’s bday party and I went off. They are excellent for private parties btw!

They have a spicy Vienna beef dog too which u can play around with.

I’m really fucking hungry now


they don’t boil any of their dogs, or perhaps team them do they ??? i can’t remember.

that special is pretty fucking dainty and yeah by dainty i mean pretty fucking light, virtuoso, possibly even healthy. ingredients are fucking dope.

and usually you don’t feel like a pile of shit afterwards the mark and hallmark of a dainty, genteel cheeseburger. Next time maybe i’ll add a spicy policy to the mix too.

too bad that fucking shack ain’t open 24/7 or at least till mid fucking evening.

fucking blows. but what can you do ??? or just go east on pico young man and head for the delicious mighty beyond fucking iconic PASTRAMI BURRITO.

a chiefly creation, or somewhat so, made by Okinawa fry cooks taken from Mexican and Jewish influences and served to a primarily African American clientele a few years back, and now to everyone. tasty fucking shit. if you can devour that plus an order of fries then you are easily a better man than me.