Top Dog LA


That one had some shit like Otis reddings “soul” dogs in the fucking nomenclature.

And they served halfway decent fried chicken and candied yams.

here’s the old times article on it:


Yeah, I caught that, too. I’m a California guy and have had ketchup on my dogs since I was a kid (I know, I know, sacrilege to a lot of you), but I was pretty surprised to see that. Ketchup has no place on a NY dog.


or a chicago dog


Totally agree, though it doesn’t look like these guys are committing that particular sin.


I agree - enjoy however you like!


We’d had enough of crudités, cucumber sandwiches, deviled eggs & Easter egg hunts!

And since Passover, Good Friday, Easter, et al are over I committed a mortal sin… I put ketchup on my hot dog :scream:. Dog review? Bland, bland, bland. I should have had that jalapeño one you guys were lovin’ on.

How’s that for reviving a thread? I have a thing about keeping things in one place.


I miss Fritzi Dog


Sumodog in K-town is pretty good


Great. That’s close too.


Tokyo doggie style truck is excellent.


Humble Potato has some seriously quality hotdogs, served with all manner of interesting toppings.

(Yelp photo.)

Humble Potato
12608 Washington Blvd #b,
(across the street from A-Frame)
Los Angeles, CA 90066
Tel. 310.881.9498


I keep coming across mentions of Humble Potato. I thought it was a health food restaurant :relaxed:.


Concur. Photos here.



No. :smile:


Otokoyami a lot better than a truck should be capable of too. But those nori fries are truly addictive.


I’m surprised no one has mentioned Joey Schmoe’s in Cypress. They have really great dogs, tots, fries, and custard. Clean premises too. There are some gimmick dogs (like mac n cheese on a dog) but the classics like chili cheese, sauerkraut mustard onion, etc were all very very solid. I prefer it to Fab (although Fab’s rippers are definitely special).


Sumo Dog is collaborating with Jon and Vinny’s. @wienermobile thoughts on Sumo Dog??

Also @beefnoguy posts that Hokkaido Scallop Dog @ Connie and Ted’s, looks ridiculously good


I like Sumo Dog