Trejos Tacos Anyone?


Actor Danny Trejo & Co. have opened an upscale Taco place between 2 of the best taco trucks in L.A., El Chato and Leos on La Brea in Mid-City. Have you been? Curious about your thoughts… even if you haven’t been.


@Chowseeker1999 reviewed it here: A Taco Journey: Carne Asada, Al Pastor, Pacific Spiny Lobster, and more - Leo's Tacos #2, Tire Shop Tacos, Revolutionario, Ricky's Fish Tacos, Guerilla, BS Taqueria and more!


I checked it before posting, but couldn’t find anything. Is it an actual review or a mention?


Hi @TheCookie,

I reviewed it here, Update #8, LOL: :slight_smile:


@MaladyNelson Okay, found it as an update to the original taco post. Unfortunately, I don’t think the problems have changed much since @Chowseeker1999 reviewed it.


Lol… I found it. But thanks!


I went a couple of weeks ago, and would not return. The parking is non existant (they must have monkey shined around with parking demands and seating), the food is expensive, and it’s all just alright. Pass it up.


My comrades went to Top Round (and I really wanted tacos and was outvoted) so I walked over to get a to-go order and was turned away.


Hi TheCookie,

I went once when it first opened and was completely unimpressed. I was interested in trying it because the tofu tacos were based on this Ottolenghi recipe.

I am sorry to report the the Trejo did what seems impossible. He hacked an Ottolenghi recipe and made the result flavorless. I also had the beans which I thought were flavorless.


You guys are confirming my suspicions. We live a couple of blocks away and were excited to have a promising “fast-casual” spot open.

It took forever to build. Then advertised as open - even interviews with D.Trejo on local news - all the while locals were wondering when the damn place was opening. When they did, it was for a few days and private events. Now it’s up and running until 4 pm. People say they don’t seem to know what they’re doing. Top it off “the food is overpriced and mediocre.” And what is it with no take-out??

Is it arrogance that caused them to open a mediocre taco spot so close to Leo’s, El Chato’s and even Candelas (lovely people, good taco Wednesdays)? Did they think they could just sell it by using a celebrity name? Or was it just poor planning, amateur hour? I feel punk’d and I haven’t even eaten there.


I didn’t know the tofu taco was an Ottolenghi hack. My youngest - who’s just as frustrated with the Trejos - actually likes the taco. But, in all fairness, he was a big meat eater who just became a vegetarian. He’s satisfied with anything vedg that has texture and a little flavor.


We finally broke down and ended our boycott a couple of months ago. They’ve upped their game. The hours are regular. Take-out is available. The food is rather tasty. Destination worthy? Maybe not. Street Taco folks will gripe at the price. They do have Taco Tuesdays :wink: and I think Happy Hour (but don’t hold me to that one). But I judge my Tacos on a different criteria. Love the effort at sourcing and their selections are not typical.

Yes, it’s gentrified Taco-time here, but they do not hold back on the heat. The Salsas and alot of menu items, like the Chicken Wings, are burn your mouth good.

The Beans are cooked just right and flavorful. At first I didn’t realize they were vegan. The rice is just meh - a little on the dry side. Really good Guacamole.

Blackened Salmon Taco

These surprisingly only have a small kick, but cooked perfectly, flavorful w/a hint of 5-Spice.

Fried Chicken Taco in Lettuce Cup

They improved the crispy factor @Chowseeker1999

Spicy Shrimp Taco

It’s been a while for this one, but I don’t remember not liking it.

Street Corn

Sometimes too creamy, sometimes not enough, but tasty with a kick of heat.

Not pictured, but the Breakfast Burrito is yummy. It has chunks of crispy potatoes and tortilla strips (that actually stay crispy) inside. Must add Avocado. :yum:

They took the hit or miss Tofu Taco off the menu and upped their Vegan selections. My son loves the Jackfruit Taco.

Good Margaritas. Friendly, neighborly service. Our part of La Brea isn’t overly saturated with restaurants. So it’s nice to have this place.

Happy :taco: Eating!


Thanks for the recent report @TheCookie. :slight_smile: I might have to give them another try the next time I’m in the area.


Carnitas Burrito w/Ranchero Sauce

Didn’t try it, but it smells great. My husband said it would never go over in East L.A. “They would go off.” Too much roughage. But he says it’s delicious. He’d ask for more ranchero sauce next time.


Thanks for the report. This is my lunch area too. Considering the tortillas I’m going to continue to drive to Anaya once a week. It’s not all about comparing to trucks. We’ve got other options.


Also, how’s Candela these days? I used to go all the time but not at all since Anaya love


I :heart: Anaya too.

Mixed experiences with Candela. Nice family business. Good (not great) Taco… Wednesdays? Huge selection of Tacos! Cheap. Take-out is a disaster.