Tres Amigas Dining in New York City in May! Want Great Food and Chic Atmosphere!


LOL. And about the only thing, no matter how many times and ways, I still can’t stand Brussel sprouts :slight_smile: I’m just thinking that Batali - who’s one of my cooking gods - has consistently very good to great (IMO) food and a lively vibe.




okay…but why? Is it not good?


PDT? Okay Ill look that up…


Death & Co…sounds interesting…


It’s quite interesting, you should go haha


The pizza is average, nothing particularly stood out aside from a side of brussel sprouts and the scene is not exactly what you are looking for. Much rather go to Robertas. Or head to Marea or Carbone for Italian fare.

I have also had nice meals at Nougatine.


If you’re looking for oysters, I’d go for happy hour at Grand Central Oyster Bar. You go through the restaurant into the bar area. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed sitting up at the bar, slurping oysters and martinis. Not a young crowd but fun.


Gm! Cool that sounds great! Thanks!


Thanks just cancelled that one…Looks like Robertas is my kind of place…Looks yummy!!




I would be honored to take you three amazons to dinner. Where shall we go?


awww thanks…but we have a full schedule of events and dining…


We could go for oysters and caviar?


Im actually getting my Caviar fix on friday, so Ill be good for a couple months…And had great oysters yesterday at Culver City Farmers Market, freshly shucked and small, tasty and explosive flavor on the palate! A must try if you are ever in Los Angeles on a tuesday from 2-7.


I hope you’ll post after your trip. I don’t get to visit NY often enough so love to live/dine vicariously!


I’m rooting for you @Thor. Keep tryin’.


[quote=“Katchix, post:36, topic:5507”]
A must try if you are ever in Los Angeles on a tuesday from 2-7.
[/quote]Awesome… I wonder how many of you dudes will start loitering at the oyster stand at CC Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays.




Ive been, its good!