Turning restaurants into Instagram bait


I’m still waiting for a place to open up with unicorn colored neon floors with slogans built into the tiles.

Some of the restaurants mentioned:
Love & Salt
Mr. Holmes Bakehouse
Liholiho Yacht Club
The Riddler
Super Duper
Media Noche


Alfred Coffee’s “But First, Coffee” mural or by now neon sign is pretty much “for the 'Gram.” A photo of the mural is basically a requisite before taking off one’s brim hat and leather perfecto to eat, what else, avocado toast. Or, one can show off his or her new ripped jeans while modeling the Alfred Coffee tote with that slogan.


Bellota’s a serious restaurant and camera-friendly lighting seems like a smart idea.

The other stuff reminds me of the dot-com era, where restaurants were doing dumb things to attract overpaid young techies.

Delarosa looked pretty generic to me. And there’s nothing Roman about the pizza, which bogus claim got me to go there.


At Mr Holmes I easily saw 5 customers posed in front of the “I Got Baked in Los Angeles” while eating my cruffin. This ain’t 1Oak.


There are angel wings all over the city (I know there’s one on Melrose a block or three east of Fairfax).

Are they ALL from the brewery?


What I love is that I honestly don’t even know what’s entailed in Instragram!!! Photos. And I’m not even interested in knowing. I love being old :slight_smile:


Correct. Had to look that up and it’s mural is not from the brewery’s creative mind.

It’s part of some art project. Will edit out of my first post.