Uovo - 2nd street SaMo - the next great leap forward for Pasta in LA


The concept for customer flow here is basically KazuNori, except for pasta. Ouvo is literally a pasta bar, much akin to a ramen bar vibe in Japan. You come, you queue, you eat, you leave. No lingering.


Works for me. :slight_smile:

I felt bad for the staff b/c there was one patron who was quite whiny and complained that they (the staff) were dawdling. Not at all sure how he got that impression since it’s clear that the staff was moving as fast as possible. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey I think I saw him too in the alleyway behind the restaurant. Was it this guy?

(photo courtesy of The CW)




Hit Uovo last night for dinner and was super impressed – this place is the real deal!

We split three pastas: the lasagna, Amatriciana, and Cacio e Pepe. Like @CiaoBob , the Amatriciana was our favorite, followed by the lasagna. The Cacio e Pepe was good, too, but not as peppery or cheesy as I like. Noodles in all three dishes were cooked perfectly, with just a hint of al dente bite.

We also split the broccolini and cauliflower sides. Both were excellent – fully cooked yet firm, the way I like veggies. Like @paranoidgarliclover, we loved the broccolini preparation, which was simple and delicious. But the standout for us was the crispy, salty cauliflower. So good!

The place was busy but not full on a Tuesday night at around 7pm. I will certainly be back to try some of their other offerings.

Fantastic Fast-Casual Pasta - Uovo (Santa Monica) [Thoughts + Pics]

We were there, too, last night, and around the same time! And we had the same 3 pastas!!! Where were you sitting?

Had the cauliflower last night. Not sure if server didn’t toss the cauliflower in the sauce sufficiently b/c the sauce seemed to collect at the bottom of the plate. When I mixed the two, it was quite good (and surprisingly spicy).

I thought the cacio e pepe was actually slightly more peppery and less salty (and thus better tasting) than it was my first time around. I’d rank my fav dishes in the same order you have them, and I think I’ll try the broth pasta next time.


Been twice - once Ragu once Amatriciana - both excellent.
One thing I only found out about (only on the second visit) is the incredible parmegiano and pecorino they can add on top (on neither visit did the counter server mention it, I asked what the little white buckets were on the counter before getting some).
Still have not tried veg but need to. SOON.


Get out! We were in the middle of the long counter, right across from the stove. Asian dude with a shaved head and an older white guy with glasses. What about you?

Sauce? I recall our cauliflower being very dry and crispy. Was it maybe oil left from the roasting? But yeah, definitely a nice kick to the cauliflower. Amatriciana, too.


Shoot, don’t recall seeing you. Although, truth be told, the counter is so long that everyone sitting there sort of blurs together. We got there around 7:15 and we were seated at the end of the counter close to where it curves around (at the back of the restaurant). Asian guy w/ cartoony eyes and a tall white guy. And, for everyone else reading, I am not having a conversation w/ myself…

How funny. We should have a shout-out thread for people who want to see if fellow FTC’ers are present. :wink:

Sorry, oil is the correct description. That oil was SO damn good. I’m not a big fan of cauliflower texture, so I needed a little moisture… I recall the broccolini being more slathered w/ the oil. :slight_smile:


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You can buy the one I posted, just click on the link underneath. Or make your own. Takes maybe five minutes.