Uovo - 2nd street SaMo - the next great leap forward for Pasta in LA



Tried Uovo yesterday for a late lunch. Gotta say I was surprised! Very solid plate of pasta.

I got the tonnarelli amatriciana. The pasta was well made and cooked properly. It was finished in the sauce, which had the right amount of heat from red chili and porkiness that only guanciale can deliver.

I shall now pick nits:

  1. $20 all in for a plate of pasta is a touch high.
  2. I think they are over-saucing and doing the fine pasta a bit of a disservice. Pasta should be more than just texture. I fully accept I will be in minority here. I’m also dealing with a sample size n=1 so, yeah.
  3. The amatriciana is brought together with about a 1/2 cup of pecorino. It ends up creating a tomatoey cheese sauce. Sounds delicious, I know, but it’s not my idea of amatriciana. It was a gooey sauce, which is just weird for amatriciana.

All that said, fun place. I’ll be back as long as they don’t pull an 800 Degrees on us.


Man, that Tortellini in Brodo is pretty dang great. Can’t wait to go back for that one.

Also had the Tonnarelli Amatriciana, which was fine, but I didn’t have the reaction to it that many others here seemed to have. It was good, but I’d opt to try other pastas next visit.

The only bummer is that I was too full to complete my planned bang-bang burger at HiHo. I am shamed.