Valentines day 2017 dinner recs


Cooking at home. It’s always a dog eat dog atmosphere when dining out on V-day.


go out on Feb 11th. That’s my rec.


Stinking Rose

Stinking Rose: A Pictoral Essay

Sergio doesn’t work there anymore


My partner’s b-day is on Valentine’s Day, so we tried one year to go out on that night. Never again.


I love this, from the LA Weekly article:

– Voltaggio also takes issue with the whole concept of amateur night. “If it’s a school teacher, and this is the one night a year they can go out – who knows how much money they make? It should be just as special for that person, even more special, than someone who can afford to go out all the time. I just think the concept of amateur night is kind of insulting. I’m trying not to have that attitude in my life anymore.”–

The OP wants to take his wife out. Maybe she cooks most nights or they don’t want to deal with a dirty kitchen, or sitting at the same old table as every night. Maybe they want a nice evening out, in public, all dressed up.

So how about some romantic recommendations instead of snide “too cool for school” comments? Show some :heart:️, you jaded bastards.

(This isn’t directed at you, @DTLAeater, personally. I’m replying re the article you posted.)


I guess ink would be the obvious choice then.


No offense taken, that’s why I posted the article. Kind of gives some background on the whole situation from perspective of the chefs as well.

As an aside, always liked Ink but haven’t tried the new steaks. Going to give it a shot next Friday.


If the OP had narrowed down his/her choices, I’m sure many of us would’ve been happy to contribute… ::shrug::


That’s true. Haven’t heard back about any of the suggestions.



And, for me, the “never again” on Valentine’s Day is a genuine and earnest response. It’s SUCH a PITA on multiple levels (traffic, price fixe menus, having to make reservations way ahead of time, etc., etc., etc.,) that I really DO think staying home and going out either the day before or day after is a better idea.


Forget the food.

Just skip to the sex.


… and I think we scared off another potential FTCer. This is why we can’t have nice things.


Or it just leaves nice things for fewer of us… Bwahahahahahahaha.


Celibate foodies are overrated, anyway.


LQ is doing an 8 course perigold truffle dinner for $120pp.

Black Perigord Truffle menu 2017
8 courses - valentine’s Day

Aperitif: Kir

1st Course
Tamale Elote with Truffles | Caviar de sologne | Santa Barbara uni | Truffle relish
Savoie, Royal Seyssel, Savoie, France

2nd Course
Truffle Chawan Mushi (steamed egg custard) | Spot Prawn | Ikura
Chablis 1er Cru, Bourgogne, France

3rd Course
Monterey Bay Fresh Squid & Spiny Lobster | “Pied de Veau” ragu | Black Chanterelles | young Ginger | Tarragon
2015, Figari Rose, “Clos Canarelli”, Corse, France

4th Course
John Dory | preserve lemon Truffle brown butter vinaigrette | Artichokes | Lardon | Chipotle tuille
2015, Muscadet les gras moutons, Loire, France

5th Course
Truffle Celery Root Risotto | “anticucho” duck hearts | Smoked Duck crisp
2015, Morgon "Vielles Vignes, Beaujolais, France

6th Course
Ellensburg Lamb “noisette” | Truffle crust | Herb de Provence Jus | Roasted Peppers medley | petite Ratatouille
2014, Domaine le sang Des Cailloux, Vacqueyras, Rhone, France

7th Course
Wood pigeon | cabbage “Embeurre” of truffles | Boudin blanc | cassis jus | Walnut, Pecan and Foie Gras "gremolata"
2012, Birichino Pinot Noir Lilo Vineyard Santa Cruz Mtns , California, usa

8th Course
Ganache praline | Pistachio mousseline | Mandarine sorbet | chestnut whipped | matcha meringue

Surprise Chocolates

Full Cheese Cart Available at extra cost

menu and wine pairing is subject to change


i’m back… Just got Trois Mec tickets for vday

i have a 8:45 at Gwen chefs table if anyone wants it…


Went to Hinoki and the Bird last year, no bogus Valentine’s Day prefix menu, was crowded.

I need some non prefix suggestions as well. Anywhere from Santa Monica to Mid-City.


Lucha VaVoom for a show

Afterwards some bacon wrap dogs with grilled onions and peppers, mayo/mustard/ketchup, and jalapeño.
Or maybe some Sun Nong Dan or Suehiro Cafe. Or all three.

Then Happy Ending.

Oh wait I am working tonight…=(


Ink. To me at least, very solid restaurant. Also try Sotto, but not sure if they have a pre fix.