Valentines day 2017 dinner recs


Here you go …


Your advice probably does not relate to OP’s request one bit. But I’m bookmarking it for myself! :blush:


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somewhere with an ocean view is always romantic. [/quote]I was thinking the same thing.


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New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, and often Friday and Saturday nights. They’re the nights when people come out who don’t usually eat out.
[/quote]I didn’t read the article. I don’t like reading about chefs showing contempt for their customers. As far as the quote goes: I agree and disagree. Definitely NYE & V-day are a cattle rush. But plenty of people who eat out regularly still like to go out on those nights. It’s perfectly fine if that’s what they want to do. As far as Fri. & Sat. goes, it’s not as much fun (to me) going to bars or clubs. Even when I was a party girl I mostly stayed in on weekends. Thursdays were more laid back and way more fun. Fri & Sat. had the rep for attracting out-of-towners looking to see celebrities. In turn, celebrities went out on weeknights. Who knows what they’re doing now. They like the attention more. Plus they get paid to show up at hotspots.

Edit: Anyway, I don’t agree about not dining at restaurants on the weekends. That’s different. Sometimes it’s the only chance to get everyone together.

P.S. We’re a bunch of snobs and probably not helping the OP at all :relaxed:.


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– Voltaggio also takes issue with the whole concept of amateur night. “If it’s a school teacher, and this is the one night a year they can go out – who knows how much money they make? It should be just as special for that person, even more special, than someone who can afford to go out all the time. I just think the concept of amateur night is kind of insulting. I’m trying not to have that attitude in my life anymore.”–
[/quote]I love Voltaggio for that. Who would have thought that would come out of that guy’s mouth. He does seem like a bit of a curmudgeon.

And I :heart: you for what you wrote!


Since OP has already picked the spot, I’ll continue to indulge in this mostly non-helpful thread by adding my non-helpful two cents.

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Cooking at home. It’s always a dog eat dog atmosphere when dining out on V-day.
[/quote]This is a double edged sword. It depends on who’s doing the cooking… and cleaning. I pick-up bread, cheese, pâté, champagne and chocolates… gotta’ have chocolate covered :strawberry: (even though out of season). Cooking and cleaning gets in the way of other things. Then we go out a couple nights later. It is after all my birthday week too :wink:. I was actually supposed to be born on valentine’s day. They were going to name me Valentina… can you imagine?


A+ for understanding and following the assignment. Great job! Makes me wish we were going out on Vday.


Yeah, generalizations aren’t always correct. My gf and I only really eat out on weekends due to work schedules. During the week at best we hit the neighborhood spots, but no destination dining.


Exactly. Glad you replied. I wasn’t sure if you thought I was bashing your posting the article. The opposite; it was a good conversation piece.


If your neighborhood is DTLA, aren’t your neighborhood spots mostly destination spots anyway?


Certainly there are a good amount of destination spots in DTLA, but there are also a handful of neighborhood spots like the bar attached to Whole Foods, 6th Street Tavern, Barcito, etc. that are good for a quick bite, but are places I don’t see others driving into DTLA for specifically.


Fair enough I suppose. I guess I tend to think of places like Rice Bar, Wood Spoon, or kind of the whole of Grand Central Market, or just various spots as being kind of neighborhood-y, but also somehow worth driving for haha


Last time we went to stinking rose on Valentine’s day many years ago the valet put a hole in my bumper… it’s like some other car’s trailer hitch went through it… we saw them parking cars on top of each other, like bumpers straight up touching.

they denied it, didn’t respond to claims.

that’s when we stopped going out to dinners on valentine’s day… it’s also when i stopped using Valet whenever i can park and walk


Fur sure. I hate using valet. Unfortunately, unless you get lucky, street parking around there can be tough.


Clifton to San Vic is your friend


There’s maybe 5, or perhaps 7 at the most, destination spots in/around DTLA.


So one for every day of the week?

No reason to go to a non-destination spot it sounds like, if you don’t want to.

Feels like it’s more than 7 though but I guess msybe that’s my own predeliction for Centeno’s various cooking styles.


Okay, so where do you take an elegant 75-year old woman for Friday lunch? And it’s a short lunch, with me paying, so nothing too crazy.

(I have been fretting about this.)




I thought we were talking about downtown.

She’s coming from Pasadena. (I don’t feel like going out there, and she has a driver, so downtown is a good midpoint.)