Vegetarian Rundown


sorry, cookie:
i beg to disagree.
to me, emglow is a big PLUS for this board
i enjoy his presence here.


I definitely do also!


No offense, but frankly, I’m not surprised either one of you enjoy his style.

I like Emglow101 too! He adds cool stuff. I understand there’s a certain familiarity from the CH days that us newbies don’t have. But I’m a poster who tends to express positivity about folks’ food choices and tries to keep the yucks to myself. When someone rarely bothers to converse with you or acknowledge your posts, then throws some negativity your way, it’s like ‘Ouch. I’m not bothering you, so extend me the same courtesy.’

…Or it could be I’m just in a bad mood. We’re in the middle of having our 90 yr old family home gutted and remodeled. At the moment our only electricity is a power strip hooked up to the fuse box. Other than idle chit chat (always dangerous), that small Biergarten post was all I’ve had the patience for.

Thanks for the funny “grouchy kitten” remark @Bookwich. You’re always clever. It helped! I’m feeling more like an angry bear lately.

P.S. Isn’t it fun to have people talk about you, like you’re not there @Emglow101? :blush:


FWIW, I think these mushrooms look very tasty AND I appreciate that a bar/pub offers something that’s a good finger-food munchie that works for vegetarians (thereby allowing us to partake of the communal food consumption and have something that soaks up the alcohol). That’s not always true and an ongoing challenge for many of us. (Really, there’s only so many salads a v*gan can consume, and they’re rather awkward at a bar!)


Thanks My @ElsieDee -

That was the objective of posting the apparently controversial fried maitakes. I understand and agree with ipse & co’s. opinion. But some meat eaters don’t understand, being a vegetarian / vegan doesn’t literally mean eating sautéed veggies and salads all the time.

P.S. I’m not a nutritionist, but imo, fried shrooms might actually be healthier than some of the manipulated soy products on the market today.

Happy vegetarian bar food eating! Or not…


Speaking of vegetarians… Where the heck is @MaladyNelson!!!


I’ve actually wondered that a lot over the past few months…


I think on the weight loss goal (with us tempting her with all this delicious fatty food, it might not be so good to visit this site during that time). :wink:


Ah, that’s what I was wondering (b/c I remember one of her last posts being about weight loss)!


Hi @paranoidgarliclover -

I was thinking the same as you and @Chowseeker1999 and hope that is all and she will be back. That’s why I wrote it as an exclamation more than a question. I had asked the question in a couple of threads and even messaged her with no results. Her last posts were indeed about a weight loss program.

I have a friend who had put on weight over the years. When she decided to get serious about taking it off she literally behaved like a recovering alcoholic for a while. She stopped connecting with friends - no parties, no going out to dinner, nothing that would tempt her to break her diet. I kinda’ admire that.

I miss Malady though. She’s funny (who doesn’t love a girl that quotes George Clinton?) and always positive. She’s partly the reason I started this thread. After writing that my son had become a vegetarian she helpfully posted recipes and recs for me. Plus those great pictures!

Sending :heart: to @MaladyNelson!


This might be a tough one. Does anyone know of a good vegetarian caterer? It doesn’t have to be vegan. Thanks!


Hi @TheCookie,

I’m not sure of Chef Wes’ schedule these days, but I know Guerilla Tacos used to cater. And Chef Wes Avila’s vegetarian dishes are awesome! :slight_smile: He can definitely belt out an all vegetarian menu for a party and it would rock (his Mushroom creations (various Tacos, Quesadillas), Sweet Potato Tacos and many other veggie creations have always been delicious).


Tacos La Tehuanita


Definitely an option. Thanks @Chowseeker1999!




I am very fond of innovative vegetarian restaurants. My favorites are:

Plant Food + Wine Venice (Abbot Kinney). This could make my top 20 favorite restaurants in LA.

Wild Living Foods (DTLA). This might make my top 100.

Shojin (DTLA). A favorite in Little Tokyo.

Although I like vegetarian Chinese food, I’m not a huge fan of any of the places I’ve tried in the SGV. Perhaps the best is the one on the second floor of the Ranch 99 Plaza in San Gabriel.


I’ve been wanting to check out Shojin for a while.

We’re still mourning the closure of Happy Family Vegetarian on Valley Blvd in Rosemead. It was the bomb. They had these great faux Fried Oysters, faux Spicy Mayo Crab Handrolls and a faux Ham Sandwich that tasted like Honey Baked Ham in a Bao Bun. :yum: The other Happy Family locales are not the same.

Oyster Shrooms, Thai Basil & Jalapeños


Looks good. The last time I went to the Happy Family location on Atlantic Blvd, I found it unpleasantly salty and generally lackluster.


Yah, I don’t think they’re the same, maybe not even connected. :thinking:

I have a few vegetarians in my family and Happy Family on Valley was the one vegetarian place we could all agree on, meat eaters included. I even hosted a big birthday party for my sister there. Anyway, a couple of times people went to a different location thinking it must be the same. Nope. :confounded: It’s not even the same menu.