Vegetarian/Vegan mains for a Grill


Dommy! and I are having some friends over for Labor Day We’re supplying a main course of Spicy Turkey Sausages from Mama’s Chicken on the grill on rolls from Pacific French Bakery. I’m trying to think what to offer the Vegi/vegan friends who are coming. 3 of them are married to Meataterians so they are not complete zealots, still I’d like to have something decent to offer. Thought are marinated portobellos (not great for protein), Vegan Sausages. (haven’t found any I like), or some sort of Tofu but that is hard to grill.

Any thoughts?


Grill zucchini, eggplant and tomatoes, toss with olive oil, an acid, and some herbs, put it in sandwich rolls. Or falafel is always good. Firm tofu grills up great, just press and drain it a bit, then marinate.

Serious Eats has a pretty good description of how to grill tofu.


I’m an omnivore but I love this dish.


Or you can slather the grilled tofu with barbecue sauce, most of them are vegan. That’s a taste of Americana.


Sorry, this is the real recipe.


I don’t have ideas for vegan mains, unfortunately, but we do a bunch of sides.

Barbecued corn, tossed with some roasted sungold tomatoes and chives.
Grilled leeks with good olive oil, Maldon salt, and Meyer lemon.
Barbecued pumpkin with Indonesian curry spice.
Eggplant with green chermoula.
Grilled brussel sprouts with pine nuts and black currant vinegar.
Figs or kumquats with rosemary.

not all together, of course.

Working on a “campfire sweet potato” or so I call it, for a Thanksgiving side. Barbecued sweet potato lacquered with date vinegar and/or molasses and walnut oil.

and for dessert:

  1. grilled pineapple spears lacquered with brown sugar and/or rhum agricole, add lime zest. Serve with coconut ice cream.
  2. roasted plums with lavender honey and thyme.


Paneer kabobs. Marinate cubes of paneer, cubed onion and cubed bell pepper for a while and then thread onto skewers.


I like the Tofurky Italian sausages with grilled onions and bell peppers; haven’t tried the Field Roast sausages, but they’re on the list.

ETA: Friend makes grilled fruit skewers for dessert - and puts out the fixings for smores for those who like them. Graham cracker, chocolate, and grilled strawberry or pineapple is delicious.


Grilled halloumi cheese for the vegetarians. And hide it from the meat eaters, or they’ll snatch it for themselves.



Chop and combine them all and make a vegetable ratatouille.


Vegans need protein too.


You don’t say.

Well, between the corn and carrots (both incomplete proteins), eaten together, they form a complete protein.


As a former vegan, I’m going to respectfully disagree with that.


That’s why you’re a former.


Yah, it was the corn/carrot conundrum, and the endless lectures about B-12 and omega fatty acids. Exhausting.


Don’t forget the iron deficiency nannies.


Black bean, corn and mushroom burger with chile verde sauce.

Add roasted garlic to the burger as well.

Of course add avocado.


A vegetarian friend came to a big potluck at my house once. She asked me, “Robert, is there anything I can [sic] eat besides what I brought?” I took a minute to consider each dish in the giant spread and said, “Sorry, nothing, not even the pie.”


Jackfruit is the new meat replacement for vegans. Places like Bristol Farms and Whole Foods carry Upton’s prepared jackfruit in vaccum packed plastic. Flavor variations on “pulled pork” ate the current main theme. Use it in sandwich or taco/burrito fillings. Trader Joe currently carries canned brined jackfruit. My vegan sister made her own jackfruit taco filling using some recipe off the web. She is really liking it for now.

Soyrizo has been around for a while. We like it with eggs and cheese. Sorry vegans.

“Impossible Burger” burger patties are pretty good. My daughter hates fake meat, but she actually really liked the version from Umami Burger in SaMo.


I tried about five different ways to like that stuff (I don’t eat meat, so it was definitely of interest). The “pulled pork” was the only thing I thought was halfway decent. What do you recommend for jackfruit on the grill?