Vibrant Middle Eastern Cuisine By Way of Bestia - Bavel (Grand Opening) [Thoughts + Pics]


Thanks! Great recs!

Glad you asked. I wanted to mention that Bavel - especially for first timers - is best in a group. We had to make some tough decisions. :sweat_smile: The prawns were scratched in favor of hubby’s beef cheeks. Even cutting things out we ended up taking food home. But the prawns are on the the top of my list for next time.


Hi @TheCookie,

Yay! So glad you made it out to Bavel. :slight_smile: Wasn’t the Duck 'Nduja Hummus and the hot, fresh Handmade Pita delicious? :blush:

Thanks for the report on the Cauliflower, that’s one of the dishes we haven’t tried yet on the menu; but will have to try soon! :slight_smile: Even the Hawaij Chili Sauce looks gorgeous.

How was the Couscous itself? Hopefully OK.

Glad your Turmeric Chicken Confit Leg was perfectly cooked, but yah, it’s not as bold as Duck Confit (which I love). :wink:

Hopefully you get a chance to try their Aged Duck 3 Ways when it’s back on the menu (that Duck Confit is amazing and like the best one in the city right now). :slight_smile: And definitely more of the Mezze as you say. I think you’ll love the Baba Ghanoush with their Homemade Buckwheat Loaf (it is ridiculous).


Could be hawayej.


Thanks @Chowseeker1999!

Yah, the Cauliflower was delicious. Definitely order it if you can take some heat. The Couscous was very light and well cooked. We may be going back sooner than I thought (friend’s birthday). I’ll get a chance to try a few more dishes.



Ahhh… maybe that’s it. It had a really nice curry flavor.


Hi @TheCookie,

For the heat, did you think it was more than Howlin’ Ray’s Level 3 (Medium)? Or was it more like Level 4 (which has a hint of Ghost Chili in there)? :sweat_smile:

Looking forward to your follow-up visit, and hope your friend’s birthday goes well at Bavel (don’t forget the Foie Gras Halva with Buckwheat Bread). :wink: