Wanderlust Creamery


Any fans of this place? Locations in Atwater, Tarzana, and soon to be Venice.

Lot of flavors up my alley: Mango Sticky Rice, Kaya Toast, Japanese Neapolitan (Black Sesame, Matcha, Hojicha!!!), and Ube. I like the travel concept inspiration too.


a friend sent me a picture of “Taiwanese pineapple cake flavor” i was like whuuut?


Were there chunks of dry, chalky dough in ice cream???


hahaha, i don’t think it did from what they told me.


hell yeah. Japanese Neapolitan is a top 5 flavor in LA IMO.

Hard pass on the ube waffle cones though - the texture is all wrong for me.


I found myself in Echo Park and thought, “Close enough. Let’s do this.”
What I love is that this place has a point of view and therefore makes flavors that are different than what you find nearly anywhere else.
The base is good, not great. Some of the flavors can be understated in a way that might veer towards bland.
I sampled a 4 flavors and then went in blind for a split scoop of the Kaya Toast and Mango/Sticky Rice.
I will be going back, but not for those flavors. No regrets, but they aren’t in the least craveworthy and were inferior to the other four flavors I sampled. @Ns1 is very right about the Japanese Neapolitan. The pretzel and rugbraud was another highlight. If you like Scoops Brown Bread flavor then this one should be a winner for you, too. I prefer the Wanderlust base to Scoops as I find it creamier with a thicker texture than what Scoops uses. Just a preference.

Also, westsiders note that there will be a new shop opening on Lincoln (just south of Rose) in Venice. Opens this Friday night.


I’ve been a fan of Wanderlust since they first opened in Tarzana, and the Atwater location is pretty good, too. Lines move slowly, though, as all the hipsters coming in high want to sample every flavor twice before ordering.


Hokkaido Milk is an excelllent new flavor in rotation. I also quite enjoyed the Aviation cocktail inspired flavor.
They continue to offer some great new flavors so keep checking in!


The Sicilian Negroni is very good.


I tried a few flavors a few weeks ago. My friend was raving about it. I’d only been eating McConnells and Salt & Straw for the past 6 months and the difference with Wanderlust was that it seemed heavier, creamier… i definitely preferred the other two spots and probably won’t be back to Wanderlust.


Malaysian White Coffee, the Peruvian Cookies and Cream, and the Cuban Pastelitos are all on point, my fiends.

If it’s been a minute, swing by Wanderlust and give these new(er) flavors a try.


Different strokes…etc. I liked the texture and flavors better at Wanderlust over the other two. Everyone raves about S&S and I find that pretty good but not mind blowing.


At the risk of appearing like I’m shilling for the place, Wanderlust has recently rotated in new flavors.
Armenian Green Walnut is a highlight! More good stuff at Wanderlust.


Hmm White Coffee?

I learned something new.

I am really liking Wanderlust flavors and concepts