WaPo: Why Los Angeles is one of America's best food cities


“We” still don’t arrive in fancy cars. A shared UberX is what its all about!


I walk in LA so what do I know.


Well, for fucks sake.

I walk and take the fucking bus and Uber that shit in LA.

Soon to subway that shit to the fucking sea.


No , it’s a hard fucking drinking town . nowhere to park , you uber ( yes my friend drives for them ). From the avenues to the wharf . So many great places to eat . I love LA . But SF has got one up . http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/08/los-angeles-vs-san-francisco_n_4898690.html


Albona Ristorante Istriano

Braised rabbit and stuffed squid are two of the highlights, of which there are many.


Shit thanks to u guys I need to find a way to stay another night!


Here’s another one.

E’ Tutto Qua, on the outskirts of Chinatown. Good option for Roman style piza.


And another one . http://www.laciccia.com/ Sardinian . Not north beach , get a cab to Noe valley district . It’s a gem .


Oh, and please don’t forget fucking Jai Yun, go for the cheaper menu.

And maybe Tomasso’s if you have to be in North Beach.

Cafe jacqueline for a fucking suave chocolate souffle.

swan oyster depot for great crab louise and good oysters by a pseudo-gruff waitstaff that runs in the fucking family, and it’s a tourist trap and they’ve got pretty high prices.

but then again oysters, louise, sourdough bread, crushed horseradish, cracked crab and a few anchor steam beers (yea, it ain’t craft, but maybe that’s besides the point) and for a solid hour you have a genteel little lunch.

thanh long for the famous crabs, i think it’s way better than the rest of the fucked up crustacean group.

and did the joint with the korean short ribs in the pureed date sauce re-open just yet ??? that’s the fucking joint that antonia bourgninon reviewed or something like that, but the menu sounded beyond intriguing and nothing like the Korean eats one would get in an LA or a NYC.

enjoy fuckers !!!


i like that area and near north beach because i can’t resist a taste of nostalgia with the square slices of clam pizza at golden boy and a hang in the park there…and some great bars. im also not above the fudgy and nutty brownies at stella bakery. looks like i can really pack in with these new joints.


Hey, just in case, Golden Gate Bakery is right down the hill a bit. Egg tarts baby!


better than china red ??? or sea harbor ???


very nice! my favorite area in SF to roam around and drink and eat


Yes, even worth the plane ride up there.

Especially when SWA gives me a free flight coupon!


Mark, you and I think alike! I love that Trippa Napoletana too.

Turns out the Trippa is always offered (didn’t know that at first) but only at the SF location, not Oakland.

Had it recently and asked for some additional pasta for “remixing”. Then had a glass of Armosa “Curma” Nero d’Avola, Ragusa Sicilia 2009 with it.


A quick evening’s trip to Melisse would’ve cleared up the high end dining question.***


My favorite things about LA dining are:
The variety. There are few cuisines that you can’t find in the LA area.
The coffee scene. I love great pourover coffee, and we have it everywhere.
The vegan, vegetarian, raw, and fresh juice places. I love the springs, au lac, pressed juicery, etc.
Japanese is the best in the USA.

My least favorite things are:
Weakness on the high end. When Michelin was here, we had four two-star restaurants, which is nothing for a city of this size.
European cuisines are strangely underrepresented.
Average quality is pretty low.
Too many loud scene places.