What cake do you bake?


JoC’s devil’s food Cockaigne is different from most devil’s food recipes in that it uses chocolate in addition to cocoa, which is why it’s so good.

The method is the same as for any traditional chocolate butter cake recipe: melt the chocolate in a double boiler, cream the butter and sugar, mix the remaining dry and liquid ingredients separately in two bowls, beat the dry mix into the butter and sugar in three parts alternating with the liquid mix in two parts, and fold in the chocolate.

There are simplified recipes where you mix all the ingredients in one bowl, but you won’t get the same texture you would with the classic butter cake technique. If you want a simpler method, the JoC brownies Cockaigne recipe is also exceptionally good.


I’ve been known to use the jams and jellies I get from Mom’s in Oak Glen. Make the cake of your choosing and fill the inside with any of the jams or jellies. Frost with a simple buttercream…I actually use about half of the powdered sugar most recipes suggest but double the vanilla. Sometimes I drop a few tablespoons of the jam/jelly into the buttercream for color.