What cake do you bake?


It was very moist and stayed that way for days. I didn’t refrigerate, and not sure if you are supposed to, but the cake stayed moist for days just sitting on my cakestand. I am very picky about freshness in baked goods and the moment things lose freshness, I throw them out.


Nice. Traditional Italian ricotta cakes are usually on the dry side. I like them but other Americans often don’t.


Shirley Corriher (who I adore and love and who helped Alton Brown with more than thing or two…)

Had a bit where she talked about going to an uber fancy cooking/baking school, and how most folks were so scared of the brioche day, but a pal of hers who had been there before told her – “Butter the pan with cold butter and then? Spray it with non stick spray on top and your loaf will be fine.” And it was: )

Non-stick spray isn’t perfect for everything but boy howdy, is it handy!


I got a new bundt pan so I made a cake just to see what it looked like! I only dared to buy this new pan because of the food release spray I got. This recipe is from my King Arthur cook book so I can’t put a link to it.

It released perfectly!!

My neighbor gave me figs and it went well with the chocolate.

Made this during our recent heatwave so the air conditioning dried it out pretty quickly. Had to throw some of it away. :frowning_face:


Thought this would be sweeter, but very good as late afternoon snack with an espresso. After you make dough, you have first rise.

You roll the filling into the dough.

Then the second rise in the bundt pan.

You have to put a pan with weights on top in oven to keep bottom even.

My glazing work was lacking, as usual. I had maple sugar with large granules that I didn’t let dissolve.

I’m going to try making french toast with it and will update. If you are looking for something not super sweet, this is it. Otherwise, I’d give it a miss.


Bought Ruth Reichl’s cookbook ‘136 Recipes that saved my life’ and made her poundcake. She calls for European style butter, cultured prefered. I didn’t use cultured, just European style. Also, used duck eggs, which I always bake with. And recipe calls for cake flour.

I’ve made a pound cake once or twice before, but always in bundt cake pan. She called for a 9x5 loaf pan, and my is slightly wider and shorter.

Didn’t rise much, but I wasn’t sure what to expect.


Husband loved this. I am still on the fence. I tend to like things sweeter than he does, and though rich, it is not very sweet at all.


Looks good, @Xochitl! I like Ina’s vanilla cream cheese pound cake recipe from her “Cooking for Jeffrey” book. It’s the right amount of sweet and lovely rich pound cake. Let me know if you want me to share the recipe.


Yes, please do! Thank you! I just had another slice with coffee, and this cake just doesn’t do it for me!


Okay, that is stunning!

My mom used to make a sour cream coffee cake that was the BOMB.

As I got more health conscious, I stopped making it (sour cream plus butter = next clothing size up) but? It was so good, the perfect balance or sweet and sour, I think I am going to just have to start making it again. But preferably for large groups!


I give away baked goods, cookies, cakes, bread, etc, so friends, neighbors, my butcher, anyone who will have them. There are a lot of folks who won’t take, in truth. It’s almost harder to find people who will have sweets than won’t. But that way I know we don’t have to finish ourselves.


I wish I lived in your neighborhood!


You need to find the teenagers in your neighborhood. :slight_smile:


How come? :slight_smile:

This. School and co-workers are all a great way of getting rid of all sorts of leftovers…


I started using duck eggs when someone I know wanted to trade duck eggs for my baked goods. It was a good exchange but the person began to be more and more demanding with what they wanted baked. At this point, I realized that duck eggs made for richer baked goods, from cakes to cookies to brioches, and so I looked into buying ducks. Wayyyy too complicated, and instead found Metzer Farms in Gonzales, that ships me fresh duck eggs around once a month. I order 40 at a time. I rarely have chicken eggs in the house, and we use duck eggs for everything.




That is one of the coolest food person things I’ve ever heard.


That reminded me of how often I was called weird, all through elementary, middle and high school! I am much more comfortable being called weird than cool!


Blast from the past recipe. When I played an instrument about, oh, 25 yrs ago, my music instructor (Ms. Moennig) would make these wonderful pound cakes for X-mas. Her kitchen would be overflowing w/ cakes. She was in her 80s when she was my instructor, so you can imagine how old this recipe must be.

I got the recipe from her, but I could never quite get it to turn out right (one of the early mistakes was not letting the butter and eggs come up to room temp!). I remember the recipe being very simple, so I pulled it out to try tonight.

This is literally the recipe that I had written down:

Mrs. Warlick’s Bundt Cake (from Mrs. Moennig)

1.25 cups of butter/margarine
2.5 cups of flour all at once
2.25 cups of sugar 2.25 pure vanilla or lemon extract

Cream butter and sugar

7 eggs, unbeaten, one at a time for 1 min each

Pour batter into cake pan. Bake for 1 hr. at 325 deg. Cool 10 min before removing

I remember Ms. Moennig’s cakes being VERY dense and having a dark crust. Mine was quite a bit lighter and spongier.

I poured on some lemon drizzle from here (https://www.callmepmc.com/easiest-lemon-dessert-sauce/). I decided to triple the amount of lemon rind b/c who ever complains about a lemon drizzle being too lemony? Well, apparently I do; it was too powerful, although partner really liked it.

I literally haven’t tried to make this cake in at least 22 yrs, and it was really enjoyable thinking about the wonderful lessons I had w/ her…

For whatever reason, I did a Google search on her name after baking the cake, and her father apparently had a music shop on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks that’s still there. It’s not too far from where I work, so perhaps I’ll pay a visit one of these days…

Just realized I didn’t include the updated ingredient list (w/ measurements):

2.5 sticks of salted butter
446 gm of white granulated sugar
300 gm of AP flour
2.25 teaspoons of vanilla extract

B/c this cake has so few ingredients, make sure you’re using the good sh*t in this. :smiley:


I love this story and this wonderful food memory.


That cake looks mouthwatering!! I may have to try!

Recipes and food connects us!


Also, thank you for the weights! That is how I bake, using scale, so very much appreciate not having to figure it myself. Math is not my strength.