What cake do you bake?


It was very moist and stayed that way for days. I didn’t refrigerate, and not sure if you are supposed to, but the cake stayed moist for days just sitting on my cakestand. I am very picky about freshness in baked goods and the moment things lose freshness, I throw them out.


Nice. Traditional Italian ricotta cakes are usually on the dry side. I like them but other Americans often don’t.


Shirley Corriher (who I adore and love and who helped Alton Brown with more than thing or two…)

Had a bit where she talked about going to an uber fancy cooking/baking school, and how most folks were so scared of the brioche day, but a pal of hers who had been there before told her – “Butter the pan with cold butter and then? Spray it with non stick spray on top and your loaf will be fine.” And it was: )

Non-stick spray isn’t perfect for everything but boy howdy, is it handy!


I got a new bundt pan so I made a cake just to see what it looked like! I only dared to buy this new pan because of the food release spray I got. This recipe is from my King Arthur cook book so I can’t put a link to it.

It released perfectly!!

My neighbor gave me figs and it went well with the chocolate.

Made this during our recent heatwave so the air conditioning dried it out pretty quickly. Had to throw some of it away. :frowning_face:


Thought this would be sweeter, but very good as late afternoon snack with an espresso. After you make dough, you have first rise.

You roll the filling into the dough.

Then the second rise in the bundt pan.

You have to put a pan with weights on top in oven to keep bottom even.

My glazing work was lacking, as usual. I had maple sugar with large granules that I didn’t let dissolve.

I’m going to try making french toast with it and will update. If you are looking for something not super sweet, this is it. Otherwise, I’d give it a miss.