What cake do you bake?


It was very moist and stayed that way for days. I didn’t refrigerate, and not sure if you are supposed to, but the cake stayed moist for days just sitting on my cakestand. I am very picky about freshness in baked goods and the moment things lose freshness, I throw them out.


Nice. Traditional Italian ricotta cakes are usually on the dry side. I like them but other Americans often don’t.


Shirley Corriher (who I adore and love and who helped Alton Brown with more than thing or two…)

Had a bit where she talked about going to an uber fancy cooking/baking school, and how most folks were so scared of the brioche day, but a pal of hers who had been there before told her – “Butter the pan with cold butter and then? Spray it with non stick spray on top and your loaf will be fine.” And it was: )

Non-stick spray isn’t perfect for everything but boy howdy, is it handy!