What is the deal with the lack of great service in LA?


Such a thorny issue. I know there are people who would want that extra line because they want the ability (and control) to tip OVER 20%.

I feel very comfortable leaving that extra line blank. But the truth is that most people do feel pressure to add more tip when the line is there. When they don’t, they feel guilty. That leads to shame. That leads to anger.

So much fucking agita generates by the hospitality industry!


I don’t just leave it blank if I choose not to leave more. I put the old zero with a line through it.

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Point well taken. My addt’l problem w/ The Rooster was that the wait staff told me that the extra tip is also split (so I can’t single out my server specifically and solely for an additional tip, which was super annoying to me).


I’ve decided to solve the issue but not returning there again (and I also sent them a polite message, which I have yet to receive a response). The food, while tasty, is pretty overpriced, IMHO, and it’s very much an expense-account place. I actually wasn’t aware that it was owned by the same group that owns Cora’s Coffee Shop and the Brentwood Restaurant until I saw a van w/ all 3 logos parked outside.


A tip sharing policy is just that. We do that where I work and the only way I’ve seen a guest attempt to get around it with cash. Then it’s an ethical decision for the server. How it comes out may depend on whether or not anyone else sees the cash being psssed. Just sayin’.


Well I dont like to make up stories because I have been working in this industry close to a decade now so I’ve seen it all.

I’ll also point out, I’ve seen my fair share of servers who are wannabe actors, screenwriters, etc. This is LA it may be a stereotype but it doesn’t mean its not true to some extent, its definitely more prevalent in the west side. So serving is just a “temporary” job until they make their break.

At the end of the day its mostly the individual restaurant culture that leads to the quality of service. One terrible manager can create ripple effects of a terrible work environment that leads employees to not giving a shit.


And most of these people are not originally from Los Angeles. They move here and are their worst selves, thinking it’s normal. No.

This happens in New York and Miami also.


I’d guess it’s the rare city that has “wannabe” anything as servers. After leaving SF, we’ve lived in three different towns/cities. Just my two cents.


LA has a lot of transplants. Currently I’m working in Chicago and I have to say people here in general are really friendly.


I’ve spent almost no time in LA but have traveled a fair amount, domestically and internationally. I’ve found almost everyone to be helpful. I continue to say that I believe that you get back what you give out.


My bad. I didn’t mean to imply you don’t have expertise earned via lots of experience.
My perspective is just that forcing employees to use tips to reach a minimum wage isn’t as big of a motivating factor as other issues.
Your perspective is compelling, for sure.