What is your method for choosing wine?


Good tips @js76wisco! Thanks!


Thanks for putting it in perspective @DTLAeater & @js76wisco. I tend to be impatient or get frustrated with myself - like there’s other worlds out there and other people no more sh__ about it than I do. :relaxed:

Oh yeah, your replies remind me, I stopped receiving newsletters from DomaineLA on Melrose (next to Calif Chix Cafe). I’d been shopping there since they opened, but @LAgirl hipped me to their $15 tastings w/snacks from local chefs. I gotta’ get back on their rotation.

:wine_glass: :cheese:


They haven’t had a Sunday tasting for a while, but I bet they will have several in the near future w/ the holidays coming up. If you feel like driving a bit further (to Los Feliz), LOU always has tastings on Sat. & Sun. afternoons (plus a couple nights a week too). No nibbles involved, but he has some interesting wines and lots of knowledge.


Oh okay, cool.

We actually lived above BottleRock at the Met Lofts in DTLA temporarily last year. The owner was really friendly and chatty and would try to order whatever we wanted. They also had tasty bar food. The building had an entrance door to the shop, but it got so we wouldn’t go during weekday days, because if he was working we would get snockered with his complimentary pours. :crazy_face:

…I just looked them up and they’re gone! I thought they were doing well. The owner said they were so busy around the holidays they would stop doing tastings. But they had a big pre-thanksgiving sale. Boy it’s tough running a business in L.A.!!!


This is not wine, but breathes and changes profile like a wine. We will always be eternally greatful to Mr. BottleRock for introducing it to us.

I’m not an ale fan (hubby is), but this had none of the strong aftertaste some ales have, instead it has wonderful coffee, orange peel and dark chocolate notes. :heart_eyes: Whole Foods has it now and they’re also selling small 4 pks which is great for parties.