What meats are better than boars head?


Now that’s a place I’d never thought of finding icicles.


Did you say Monkish? This was my haul on Sunday after the surprise can release and a few trades.


I googled that and all that came up were pictures of broccoli :broccoli:


This “build that Wall!” proposal gets my vote. RUB^RUB^RUB…


I like Dietz & Watson. Jons Market Carries them and is much cheaper than Boar’s Head. Jons has some good deli stuff. Super King also has some good prices on stuff.


La Quercia is very good, but you don’t need to go to WF. They have a selection at Ralph’s, but only the ones that have the Murray’s Cheese section.


I’m assuming these cured meats from Gwen are very good.


Went to Bristol Farms this past week in Westchester in search of Duck Breast (No one else had them!!!) and saw that they too are doing the make your own as well and they actually looked really good. Will be back to try for sure!