What restaurants are on your rotation?


Thanks for the Born and Raised rec. We really enjoyed it. Wine list was surprisingly reasonable, at least the Schramsberg we ordered. Not even double retail.

Caesar was good, Steak Diane excellent and the service and ambience very nice.
The manager stopped by and when we mentioned we’d been to Craft and Commerce and False Idol, she comped a nice glass of port and dessert.

Oh, and the bathrooms are a riot. Thanks again.


Had some croissants at Wayfarer. Fantastic and destination worthy. Don’t know if they’re the best in SD county but they are very good for SD and even LA and OC. The baguettes are also great.


Their honey kumquat cream bun is very good, as is their take on the McDonald’s Egg McMuffin sandwich.


Definitely excellent croissants, but the olive bread was great, too! They cut their huge loaf in half, and we had it fresh and then grilled for the rest of the week. Outstanding, old world style.


Nice write up in NYT for Wayfarer Bread.


reading with eyes wide open… need to make 2 reservations in sep. we always end up at Wa Dining Okan or Brooklyn Girl or Smoking Goat but want something else.


Any area in particular? Or price point? Or cuisine?


Any price point any non Korean, Thai, Mexican cuisine. Something fairly new hopefully that’s just super delicious.

Will probably go to that Georgian spot for obvious reasons and we’re staying nearby anyway.

Trust looks great. Like that!


Yeah, Trust is very good. And if you like the atmo/vibe at Trust, then check out Hundred Proof (from the same people behind Trust)

Might want to check out Maestoso, URBN, as well as Farmer’s Bottega.


Trust is very good. Inside tends to be noisy, outside is quieter but food is pretty solid.

La Bonne Table in Hillcrest…go for the pork chop. Bleu Boheme in Kensington or Bo Beau Kitchen in La Mesa.

Banker’s Hill Restaurant tends to fly under the radar. I’ve never had a bad meal there, the chicken schnitzel is quite good.

El Jardin in LIberty Station is new and rather uneven, Red O in La Jolla is just, plain, not very good, except for drinks and apps. SD is still pretty much a taco/burrito kinda Mexican food town despite being on the border and all the amazingly creative food in Tijuana. Ceviche House in Old Town does a good job with ceviche and sea food.

The Patio on Goldfinch in Mission Hills is reliable and the food good. The Red Door recently changed hands and is going in a more Italian direction but still keeping the farm-to-table theme. I’ve eaten there with the new chef/owner and crew and thought the food was still very good.

I’m probably not as high on Farmer’s Bottega as Ipse but it’s a popular place the food is usually good. They’ve got a nice patio in back at their Mission Hills location. Their La Mesa location is just cramped and noisy.


Awesome thanks! Researching. If you had to pick 1 from your choices for taste alone where would you go? Red O is not for me. They opened around the block from us in West Hollywood and since shut down. Had a christmas party there a swell.

I love noisy :slight_smile:

first pic i see of Bo Beau is this … an immediate disqualification :stuck_out_tongue:

the Patio looks really good!

the schnitzel looks insulting at Banker’s.

super appreciate the response… i’m being more funny than rude


Hands down, Trust would be my first choice, followed by Bankers Hill


Reserved, thanks!

Any feelings on Bencotto?


I haven’t been for a while, but I’ve always liked it.


We always found their other, more casual, restaurant next door Monello had better dishes


I’ve been a few times, including last month and love Bencotto. I’m pretty picky about Italian places (half Italian here) and used to make my own pasta a lot.

Their chicken parmesan was killer, and I like the pastas.


I like Bencotto, as well as sister restaurant Monello, but for fresh pasta give Monzu in adjacent East Village a try.


I like Bencotto and Monello but also liked Maestoso (in Hillcrest I think)

For BBQ try Grand Ole BBQ y Asado

Your standards are probably very high but I like Tribute for pizza (maybe as research for your upcoming venture)

DDs and ipsedixit’s other reccs are good too.


We are going to be in SD next weekend with the kids. Planning on going to early dinners around 6pm after the zoo and Del Mar. Are we ok going to these places in more casual gear - shorts, t-shirts and sandals? These are all of the places on our list
Born & Raised
Bar Bodega
Kettner Exchange


People go to almost any place in shorts, t-shirts and flip flops to the chargin of many locals.

I would not recommend casual attire you describe for Born & Raised or Bencotto and possibly not for Ironside, altho’ I think you could probably get away with it there. Have not been to Bar Bodga or Kettner Exchange so I can comment on those two