What to make with already cooked chicken?


More involved? Certainly not in terms of time or precision. I could do the enchiladas after a couple of cocktails, and assuming all the ingredients are at hand have them made and out of the oven in under two hours. The shoulder OTOH I would want prepared and in the oven before I even opened a bottle of wine!


Yeah, but then it’s just the occasional basting. But don’t get me wrong, those enchiladas don’t so too hard. Especially if you make them and then Fedex them to me :slight_smile: lol


Fat chance, kid. Especially since I got so nostalgic about these (and the equally delicious seafood ones!) that I have added them to my list of Carnal Indulgences for the week Mrs. O is at her bottom-collectors’ convention next month.


I recently made some chicken salad with Kewpie mayonnaise. Threw it into the food processor with some chopped onions. Kind of brought tears to my eyes. And not because of the onions!


Pray tell?!?!?


Chicken fried rice. Or cold Vietnamese rice noodle.

Here is a recipe that includes lots of ingredients, but I usually keep it simple. Cooled rice noodles, mint, basil, nuts, nuoc cham.



@ catholiver: People do collect sewing buttons. It is, as are most arcane hobbies, a highly structured process in which buttons of certain types are wired onto 9"x12" cards, and when entered into competition are judged according to criteria known only to the initiates. Tania’s faves are bats, cats and Moonglows, those last being a kind of glass button pioneered by the Czech factories after WW2 in which a clear glass layer is laid over a translucent colored base. I am amazed to have remembered that. Anyway, they get together at some inexpensive locale to compete and buy and sell. Tania and a fellow collector from Nashville do a Buddies Week there most years.

The advantage to collecting buttons, rather than cars and cookbooks, is the amount of space each thing requires. I am obviously at a major disadvantage here.


LOL, WO!!! You called it a “bottom-collectors convention”!!! Buttons, I’d have been familiar :slight_smile:


Obviously a fundamental mistake.


Give me a little smile :slight_smile: I knew it had to be a typo but didn’t think about buttons…which I happen to love although I’ve never collected them.


You like eating soap?!?


I like big bottoms and I cannot lie.


I do not like eating soap. What I rather magically (and to my subsequent gratitude) managed to do was get past that sensation into the deeper complexity of the herb, and how wonderfully it interacted with the other flavors. Yes, it will always have an oddly soap-like whang to it, but I don’t frankly give a rat’s patoot.



That’s usually what I make, but didn’t think they were interesting enough to mention.


I knew it had to be a typo too, but was really hoping it wasn’t :grin: and had something to do with butts.

You two are funny BTW. Everytime you get together you talk about “that damn pork shoulder”… which I’m definitely going to make once I have a kitchen again.


You said rat’s patoot.


I miss you guys


WO is one of my food gods. BTW, I can’t remember if he has 500 or 1000 cookbooks!!!


Last night it was hot (again) and neither of us was interested in cooking. So it was a chicken (not salad) sandwich with avocado and sliced grape tomatoes on rye toast. Really tasty.


It was a substitute for my first choice, which I figured was excessively
impolite. “Patoot” was the word used frequently in MASH episodes for
similar reasons.