What would you like to see food wise that does not exist in L.A?


Grilled tuna cheeks on rice, from one of the food stands on the perimeter of Tsukiji fish market. Around USD$10. Oishii!!

Wish we can get this in the USA.


I’d like just a bag of fish eyes.

How cool would that be.


dang that looks good.


that’d be a thankless job.


Man (at least this man) does not live on fish alone. This chicken coop is a must eat for us at Tsukiji. The “chicken and egg” dish is an old time comfort food. My new favorite is the assorted chicken inside with egg on rice. Chicken butt, gizzard, liver, intestines, etc… served on rice with an egg float. I’d be a regular at any USA eatery that can do the dish this well.


Halibut cheeks in Nijya (SF) today. $27.99 per lb. No thanks.


Couldn’t afford a whole bag. These pair o’ tuna eyes made for a tasty appetizer. From a supermarket in Shibuya, Japan.


wow nice eye candy


Tuna eye says: “Here’s lookin’ at you, kid…”


Have you had El Huarachito in Lincoln Heights? They make a pretty good chilaquiles


the irony is that i could pay less if i just bought each entire fish head separately


At one point I would say Sfogliatelle. At least good Sfogliatelle (you have a few Italian markets and bakeries that occassionally make it). Well I walked into Pasta Sisters this past week and there the were… And a they were amazing. The pastry dough was flakey and buttery. Better butter flavor than many of the top tier croissants out there. But the pastry cream. Divinity. Not only was the texture spot on and the vanilla flavor deep, but it was studded with the tastiest and tenderest candied orange peel I’ve ever had. It had all the amazing elements of a true Italian pastry. We have arrived LA. We have arrived…



Any good cannoli around? missing Isgro’s…


I don’t like Canoli. I haven’t seen them at Pasta Sisters, but they are a lot easier to find around town. Supposedly the ones at Knead at the farmers market are good. But I’ve never had them and probably won’t



[quote=“ipsedixit, post:356, topic:960”]
Or just use TaskRabbit.
[/quote]:relaxed:. My niece and her partner drive for TaskRabbit. She said they spend a lot time driving to/from SF on food related trips.


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What are people ordering? Either from LA to SF, or from SF here to LA?

Would it not be cheaper to have the TaskRabbit buy the foodstuff, pack it up for FedEx overnight than to have them drive it nearly 400 some odd miles?

Visiting SF from LA and Need Cantonese - Sam Wo?

Both… It’s probably big orders for parties. But you know, some people like to waste money.


Might as well just fly . The six + hours drive time you could add that to your time while doing business in SF or LA minus the hour flight .


Youngsters :rolling_eyes:. I just want her to go back college.


$28/hour x absolute minimum of 7 hours driving and pickup = $194.

I would assume you would have to pay them for the return trip? Or else why would anyone do it? So must be a minimum of $388…

I’d be curious about how that works in reality.

I’d drive some pastries to SF from LA or vice versa for ~$400 though. Not too bad of cash to make the drive.