What would you like to see food wise that does not exist in L.A?


She would make less money at a regular job if she’s making $400 a day driving food from LA to SF I think. Doing that 5 days a week is $104,000 a year. College won’t do much for her really. Help her save up and start investing instead.


You could fly roundtrip for half that price (like on Southwest). Granted, it might be hard to transport large quantities of perishables on a flight.


That’s not net.

The cost of wear and tear on a car alone would eat into that significantly.

Lets do the back-of-the-napkin math. 5/days a week roundtrip to SF-LA would mean about 800/day, which mean 4,000 miles a week. Or 16,000 miles a month. Or over 190,000 miles a year. Gah. Aside from tires, oil changes, spark plugs, transmission fluids, shocks, breaks, there’s also the issue of auto insurance and … wait for it … gas. And really, after 190,000 in one year, it’s probably time for a new car.


That’s true, you’d need to buy a new car every year but it would be tax deductible as a business expenses I assume, which would be nice.

I’m sure you wouldn’t need a luxury car, maybe get last years model of used Prius every year? $20,000. You could probably do it for less.

Even with such an expense you are still making $84,000 a year buying the new car. Seems alright. Better than most straight-out-of-college jobs. Even if $9,000 a year for maintenance before switching it out you could still be making $75,000. Not exactly total shit.


Yeah but clearly people are just eating money here… There is no thought or into it. It must be people with a ton of disposable income and very little time. They can’t fly to SF themselves to pickup 2 dozen pastries from B Patisserie and FedEx won’t ship them I guess so their only option is Task Rabbit drivers. Obviously anyone with the free time and concerned even slightly with cost would just fly up themselves… Bbir those people aren’t the target market.


You’re forgetting gas and routine maintenance. And how many cars can really go for 200k/year without issues? For that matter, how many cars can go 200k/year, period.


You two are a crack-up… smarty pants.

Yes there are advantages and disadvantages. It does have to be done by car. Yes, they are making good money. Yes, It is a lot of wear & tear on the car. But they also said it’s really taxing and hard to maintain a normal lifestyle.


Chevy Impalas could do it.

Actually that is another good question though. I honk these people have to pay for gas as well. The $28/hour is just for their time as far as I know.

I guess that’s another like $120+ so up to about $515 per trip of course…but these people don’t care.


Regardless, just a tough shitty way to make a living.

Granted, no TaskRabbit is doing roundtrip LA-SF day-in-day-out, but if there was such a person, what a shitty life for a year. Just shitty. I-5 over and over again.


Just win the Powerball and then have your driver Chauncy whisk you around in a Rolls Royce.




Don’t make me go into numbers about the PITA costs of jet ownership, ipse… One Powerball windfall alone just ain’t gonna cut it for the Bombardier.


My older sister, her mother would be highly amused by this conversation.


I’m highly amused by this conversation.


Working in a cubicle 8 hours a day for $40,000 a year is a pretty shirty way to make a living as well. Is driving the 5 every day really worse than that?


At least in a cubicle you can get up and walk around, have human interaction with adjacent cubicle-ians, and most importantly surf the web to participate in FTC.


And on the Jefe-side… FTC = Productivity interruption alert!!! (but ultimately it’s OK with company policy)


[quote=“Aesthete, post:418, topic:960”]
Working in a cubicle 8 hours a day for $40,000 a year is a pretty shirty way to make a living as well.
[/quote]Did you really just write that?


You get too deep into the hot chicken and alcohol and autocorrect will best you every time you try to use even a mild swear because we can just never accept that human beings use “bad” words lol


I assume you can pull over on the side of the road. Stop at a gas station and talk to people. Go out to a restaurant on either end SF/LA in between drivers etc…