What would you like to see food wise that does not exist in L.A?


My world view :slight_smile:

‘roe’ refers to eggs, egg casing, or sometimes gonads


‘tomalley’ refers more to edible (non-roe) guts/innards


Correct , roe is used as a general word for eggs in the ovary of fish .


More inclusively (as in the case of sea urchin / uni), the gonads themselves are called the ‘roe’ sometimes…

And not always just in vertebrates like fish - ‘roe’ applies to invertebrate shellfish as well.


I’d like to see some tomalley tamales! :laughing:


Didn’t our old friends Servorg and was it @Porthos or someone else (?) who were having this same discussion about gonads, uni, roe, and what-not, back on Chowhound?


You guys are hilarious. You should read this egg conversation again.


Prime on FF actually has a very legit Sicilian


better Malaysian/Indonesian options


oh shit, not a sicilian but crispy pepperoni cups.


If you guys want NYC pizza made in SoCal, you should go to Huntington Beach and go to Bertucci’s NY Pizza.


flacid pepperoni makes Ns1 a sad panda. and maybe it’s a terrible picture but that crust looks thick as hell.


Is a terrible picture. I don’t think I’ve had pizza any thinner than the actual slices.

I am not sure what you mean by flaccid pepperoni though. They were pretty crispy on the actual pizza. Is there some odd requirement that places have to use those cheap pepperoni cups?


by cheap pepperoni cups you mean delicious grease chalices* right?

*grease chalice TM SeriousEats via Adam Kuban


I guess so.

I don’t seek out grease I guess lol


Based on crust and cheese they’re doing a lot of short cuts. NY dough will rise in the crust giving it bounce, both crispiness and soft chew. Looks good enough to eat obviously but that’s cardboardy dough. Also see that cheese browning on the crust? That’s telling me they’re using pre-shredded cheese. Which also isn’t a dealbreaker but it feels quite different because of the addition of corn starch to keep it from clumping. Instead of melting it dries out and browns.

proof of pizza skills


The grease is a minor by-product, the awesomeness comes from the crispy pepperoni.


Well, idk, I am not that into pizza, but I’ve watched them grate the cheese themselves…so maybe they are just sloppy? Or should they just not be grating cheese?

The crust, despite the lack of super prominent rising, is quite bouncy and tasty. When eating it, it has precisely a slight crispness and a soft chew to it that I really enjoy. One of the very pizza crusts I really like. The quality of cheese, pepperoni, and ESPECIALLY their sausage is outstanding. I have never had better sausage on a pizza anywhere.

But I’m also not an ultra snob when it comes to pizza. The place is run by an old man that spent his life making pizza in NYC before moving here. To me, it tastes as good as anything I’ve had in NYC for the most part.


Please define NYC pizza.


If you want legit NYC pizza, go to Grimaldi’s in El Segundo. Coal fired and better than the Brooklyn original. We love the white pie with garlic, mushroom, and sausage. No pepperoni cups, though.


NYC pizza is something you buy by the slice, fold in half, add some of your preferred toppings (mine are garlic and red pepper flakes), drip some oil out from the back and then go back to order another one. At least thats how it was when I was growing up in Queens. Slices were also $0.75 back then. My last trip back to NYC it was hard finding slices for <$2.50. I heard a slice at DiFara is ~$6. Inflation. The $0.99 pizza places in Manhattan do not count.