What would you like to see food wise that does not exist in L.A?


There’s probably just as much pepperoni grease in your pic vs Ns1’s pic. The only difference is that the pizza in Ns1’s pic was cooked at a hot enough temperature to quickly render the fat out, allowing the pepperoni to crisp up.


if i may


Patsy’s East Harlem really is the quintessential NY pizza in that it stradles the “street slice” and “NY-Neapolitan” styles. Still one of my favorites.


dang… i haven’t had it… just found on bing images lol… it looked New Yorkest to me.

I came up slinging very legit pizza in Boston in highschool.


So basically a gas-fired, street corner slice?

But there’s more NY-style pizzas than just that one.


Agreed NY is home to many great varieties of pizza but I’d say the street corner slice is the quintessential NY pizza.
Sicilian is certainly NY based and very difficult to find on the west coast. Same with grandma slices.
Neopolitan pizza like the original Tony’s Pizza Napoletana are much easier to find but I wouldn’t call that NY pizza.
I’d say coal fired is NY style pizza but I don’t think any place in the country is allowing any new coal fired ovens. But these places are treasures.
Gourmet pizzas like Co, Keste, Paulie Gee, Roberta’s, Motorino etc… are a dime a dozen in every major city these days but not sure I’d call these NY pizza.


That’s actually a myth. As I say, you can get legit coal-fired pizza right here in the LA area at Grimaldi’s.


Thanks for the article. Do you know any other pizzerias in LA/OC that are using coal fired pizzas? Somebody told me that in NY you have to buy some type of filter if you want to install coal oven pizza and newer places don’t want to go through the hassle due to cost of the filter, installation and upkeep. I’d imagine that in California there are similar if not more stringent requirements if you’re going to install a coal oven pizza.


Don’t know about any other coal-fired places in the area, but Grimaldi’s is really good and worth going out of your way for. The closest alternative is probably Gjelina Takeaway, which does great slices in a wood-fired oven.

I think you put your finger on the main barrier to proliferation: the cost of installation and maintenance. I read they were talking about requiring expensive filters in NYC, but I don’t know if it passed or went into effect.


Hi @Bigmouth,

I thought I read on our old board (or was it here?) about when Grimaldi’s El Segundo first opened that people said it wasn’t as good as the original NY location?

Or is it just as good? (I’ve never been.)



IMO, the El Segundo branch is better than its parent, but I always liked the Brooklyn location less than some other folks. They’re just too busy to be consistent.


I’ll have to give it a try. El Segundo is not very convenient for me but the original Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn makes great pizza. My friend has some type of connection that allowed us to bypass what looked like an hour+ wait. Otherwise I’m not sure I would have waited.


Malasadas like Leonards in Waikiki. Never had anything like that and would gain 10lbs if I lived within a 30 minute drive.

Not exactly like Leonards, but Natas malasadas are closer than Waikiki.

Natas Pastries


In LA, Wood, Olio, Pitfire and Anthony’s immediately come to mind. I’m sure there are many others I’ missing.

In NYC, in addition to the four-horseman of coal-fired pizza (Lombarid’s, John’s, Patsy’s and Tontonno’s), you have all these on this list.


Not sure if this fits the bill, but there’s a new place in HB serving them.


I think, with the exception of Anthony’s, that list is all wood-fired pizza, not coal.




I miss the really fresh tasty produce in Santa Cruz. I miss the laid back vibe there too.


Bula , Went to the FM this weekend . It’s busting . I picked up dry farmed Early Girl tomatoes , these super baby purple onions ,cauliflower , Japanese eggplant , peach stuffed pork sausages from El Salchichero , the rye loaf from Companion bakery , dense , heavy , and delicious . Good time to be in SC for the veggies and FM


Let me know if you make it down there to try. I have a feeling Leonard’s is going to be hard to replicate. Those darn piping hot loaves of heaven.