What would you like to see food wise that does not exist in L.A?


Hmmm, this is the samosa chaat? I’ve tried it twice now (once at each location) and was underwhelmed both times. I’ll do what you suggest though. Thanks for the info re the black salt!

Interestingly, the dictionary agrees with both of you. The second definition is “another continent,” and the example given is: “Shall we go to Mexico or abroad this summer?”


Try to basic pani puri first, which is what I usually order.
I’ve only ordered the samosa chaat once so my memory isn’t as reliable for that particular dish.
But the pani puri water definitely has that sulphorous element and it’s plenty for me.
My recollection is that the pani puri water is used in the samosa chaat dish.
Either way, getting a little black salt or https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kala_namak
should get what you’re looking for.

Samosa house isn’t mind blowing. It just scratches an itch.


Yow. There are far fewer than 27 essential Indian restaurants in all of the US.


I don’t want to buy 10 frozen Gabila’s from Costco or anywhere else. I want a nice fresh piping hot knish to enjoy with my pastrami on rye, pickles and close slaw. That thing they call a knish at Langers is not a knish. Probably not happening. Even many of the new school Jewish style delis like Wise Sons do not make knish.


that thing @ Langers is just the worst (I mistakenly ordered one w/ my pastrami on rye the last time I was there. never. again.). I have yet to find a decent knish in LA.


Chinese hot pot restaurant.


Same exact experience recently. I’ll just give up and have one when I go back to NYC I guess.


I also don’t get the pizza argument. It’s gotten so ridiculous to the point of so many former NYers opening up pizza places and importing NYC water and each declaring theirs the REAL thing. I’m getting a sense that NYC pizza isn’t even the same pizza to other New Yorkers.
It’s like you can never find an authentic bolognese recipe from an Italian because there’s always another Italian who will tell you that’s not the REAL one.

There are things that you absolutely cannot find in LA, and serious pizza is so ubiquitious that it needs to be crossed off the list by now to make way for more urgent matters like the need for serious BBQ or the serious patisseries that they have in France


The best knish in LA are at Genghis Cohen. Nothing quite like a plat of Krispy Kanton Knishes to remind you of your Yiddish roots.


In my opinion, There’s some serious Texas style BBQ happening in LA. La Barbecue is coming, still waiting on Adam Perry Lang. Bludso’s, Maple Block. Belle Belle’s Cue in Chinatown, Ray’s BBQ in Vernon. Moo’s Craft Barbeque in East LA (they’re only available certain weekends since they’re underground BBQ joint)


I haven’t been to Genghis Cohen since the 80’s….who knows, maybe I should and get a “NY style” egg roll while I’m at it.


If you can’t have the best, then why not shoot for the best of the worst.


I’m excited to learn about a few new places.
That said, I haven’t had anything at Bludso’s (both locations), or Maple Block that is at the level of Franklin or La Barbecue in Austin. Maple Block was the closest, though I feel like I need to give Bludso’s another shot since I think the pitmasters at the La Brea location have probably gotten a lot better since my last visit.

All that is to say, MORE TEXAS BBQ IN LA!!!

Also, would it kill some hipster to spend his family’s money to start an artisinal Carolina whole hog joint that also does Michoacan carnitas?


Quick someone write a business plan! I’d eat there


Agree with this big time. We have Texas BBQ at a level that might not reach Franklin or La Barbecue, but few places in Texas meet those standards, and Bludso’s and Maple Block are pretty close to all but the top places in Texas. But whole hog Carolina BBQ is not to be found here, and East Carolina style would be especially be welcomed (at least by me…). And if we are wishing BBQ-wise, I might as well throw in a request for Kentucky (Owensboro, but it strays as far as Louisville) Lamb/mutton barbecue.


They have indeed. I thought it was pretty average when they opened (similar to how I feel about the original Compton spot), but the last few times I’ve had their BBQ in recent months (particularly the rib tips), they’ve been fantastic.


Sad but true. A few years ago, L.A. Weekly came up with the following, short, list of what it called the best knishes in Los Angeles:

Most of them a disappointment to my taste. In fairness, though, I tend to prefer the rectangular, fried to the round, baked.


Have you found anything in Texas on the level of Franklin or La Barbeque?


Yeah, we’re never gonna have the same level as Texas BBQ. But LA is really trying hard! I haven’t been to Belle’s Belle in a while and i hope their quality is still good. They’re in a dead part of Chinatown and don’t get a lot of traffic. I don’t think people realize you can park in that building.
Moo’s Craft is still underground and making (order basis) out of East LA. He makes it in his backyard and you can reserve your meats before hand. You can follow them on Instagram or Facebook @mooscraftbarbecue


The eggroll at Ghengis Cohen are actually good. Blistered on the outside wonton wrapper, crisp on the outside, slightly chewey underneath and stuffed with cabbage, carrots and other miscellany. They absolutely hit the old-school-American-Chinese-restaurant target, which is actually somewhat harder to find now than the more authentic fare all through SGV.