What would you like to see food wise that does not exist in L.A?


Be patient people. La Barbeque is opening up in LA shortly. They’re bringing the yellow trailer, smoker and more importantly the pitmaster. So I’d expect the same high quality bbq from Texas.


Thanks for the link. I hesitate in trying these based on your comments and my expectations.

I wonder why LA doesn’t have square knishes? That’s all I ate growing up in Queens. A few places had both the round and square but not the true Jewish delis.


i do as well. there is a better filling to crust ratio.


Kind of. My motto regarding BBQ in Austin is:
There is no best. There is only more.

My point was only that LA BBQ still has a way to go. Whereas we have pizza here that is as good or better than lots of places in NYC, we do not yet have BBQ that hits the higher end of what you find in Texas.

But, I do need to go back to Bludso’s and Maple Block is pretty solid.


No need, local Texas barbecue problem solved!

Now I’m off to The Stinking Rose for the best steak in town…


Must try Maple Block beef short rib.

Go right when dinner service starts. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I will obey.


The short rib must be seriously popular. I have been shut out on a few tries so far. So do as @A5KOBE says - earlybird it.

If pork is OK, get the Copa ribs as well.


So I just called and MBMC and they apparently serve these on a whim. They did say they will make them if advance notice of about 3-4 days prior.

I have had them twice, once in January and once in February so I guess I chose the right days to eat there.

Good thing I checked because I would be highly disappointed making a visit and then being unavailable.


Good looking out! I’ll call ahead if I’m considering MBMC.


The chilaquiles at Tonny’s in Pasadena are probably not top drawer but that’s my go-to breakfast maybe once every other month. They’ll sell them as a combo, with just eggs, or with nothing, nice when I want to take them home and do my own eggs.


I prefer kati rolls but will totally take frankies. Has anyone tried this place yet?


I’d like to see a Singaporean food court here that would be amazing!


I’d been screaming this for years. Still no dice.


Had a chance to compare the coal-oven pizza at Tony’s in SF last week. It’s very good (and they have pepperoni cups!) but Grimaldi’s is still better.

I really think Grimaldi’s may be the best pizza in CA right now. Certainly my favorite.


It’d be amazing if I could get some hainan chicken rice, chili crab, char kway teow, and laksa all in one sitting!


No, but isn’t (or wasn’t) there also a food truck that did frankie’s? I think it was called “India Jones” or something like that?


Hi @paranoidgarliclover,

Yah, India Jones food truck has Frankies. They’re tasty. :slight_smile:


Sadly this place is … not so good. Things started off well with a tasty mango lassi and crisp samosa. But the namesake frankie needs major improvement.

First problem is they’re made with naan, instead of paratha, and with no egg wash I could discern. Add to that white meat chicken, and the result is bland and dry. The chutneys and potatoes add some moisture and flavor but not enough to overcome the arid filling and bread.

What’s really baffling is they have parathas on the menu. Why not at least use those for the frankies? I might go back to try a paneer frankie if they switched. But avoid that chicken – dry as the desert.

Yes! I thought that place was good not great – but still light years ahead of these guys.

Indian Food Recs Beverly Hills to Hollywood
The Bombay Frankie Company (Sawtelle)

I want really good Puerto Rican and Dominican food myself… and Brazilian. Things we had in Boston.