What's cookin'?


My personal motto is “everything in moderation including moderation.”


Same here, though if in years past I’d more moderate about gluttony I’d have fewer prescriptions to fill.

Yesterday’s clear-out-the-refrigerator lunch: two kinds of Spanish-style chorizo, eggplant with hot garlic sauce, chickpeas, nappa sauerkraut, onion, tomato, egg.


That looks and sounds fantastic. But what we’re finding - at the tender ages of 80ish - is that we just don’t eat nearly that much any more.


Oh shit!!! 70ish, dammit, not 80ish!!!


That was 3.5 oz. of chorizo, one egg, half a cup of chickpeas, and a big pile of vegetables. Like most of the things I cook when I’m following my diet it looks like way too much food but since there’s so much fiber and water it’s a lot lighter than the same volume of, say, jambalaya would be.


That would be a meal for two for us.


Two ounces of protein and a quarter cup of beans? I’d be starving by dinner.


Your roasted beets and supremed oranges sound like perfection to me, @Bookwich.

Ha ha, well I guess I take my nabe pretty seriously, @ipsedixit, especially since it’s evocative of family comfort food.

I truly appreciate both of your replies!


I like when people put silverware with the food, to get an idea of the portion size. That looks about right for a normal guy appetite. Even a bit light, actually.




Another lunch thrown together with what was in the fridge. I thought this was going to be a sort of New Orleansy soup with holy trinity, andouille, chickpeas, farro, and hot sauce, but we were out of chicken broth so I substituted lentil soup spiced with caraway, cumin, coriander, and cayenne and some nappa sauerkraut brine. Ended up tasting sort of eastern European.


Bacon-wrapped tots and Schramsberg Brut Rosé


I guess basketball practice was extra tough today, because the boy texted me on his way home to ask if we had food. Meaning, can he eat the minute he walks in the house?

Fifteen minutes later: Slices off a pork roast simmered in cream and Hatch chili salsa, and carrots simmered in beef broth with the last of a package of Sardinian toasted fregola. Served with Japanese rice and frozen peas. (The pork roast, rice and carrots had been cooked previously, so it was just a matter of some a la minute saucier and finishing work.) I wasn’t able to take a photo of the plated food.

I also had an appetizer of pears with a beautiful French blue and some sugared walnuts waiting on the table. (No photo).

Confession: I used instant mashed potatoes to thicken the sauce, no time to simmer it down. Yes, @TheCookie, I have instant potatoes in the cupboard, I keep them just for this purpose. :slight_smile:


How festive! :wink:


And my dinner tonight is soba with butter, white miso and nutritional yeast, all whipped together so it’s like a carbonara. Silky and creamy



I gotta make those!!! Do you just wrap and fry? Seeing the grands at Christmas. I know they’d love them. Me too :slight_smile:


[quote=“Bookwich, post:413, topic:3429”]Yes, @TheCookie,
I have instant potatoes in the cupboard. :slight_smile:
[/quote]Me too :grin:. I will start using them to thicken something. That’s a swanky meal for a boy. You’re lucky he’s a good eater. Like it!


[quote=“Bookwich, post:415, topic:3429”]
soba with butter, white miso and nutritional yeast, all whipped together so it’s like a carbonara. Silky and creamy


It looks great babe.


Last night’s dinner was a clean out the fridge pasta as our trip to Copenhagen is ending tomorrow. So sauteed some garlic, shallot, mushrooms. Pounded and cooked a BSCB. Cooked pasta and dumped it over grated Parm and arugula. Added the ‘sauce’ and chopped up chicken. Really tasty. Had some left so fried it up in a skillet this morning with a couple of eggs on top. Divided and turn over and out onto a plate. A two-fer.