What's cookin'?


When I was a child I didn’t eat eggs (silly me) so a frequent breakfast for me was bacon and cheese toast.


You need to stop this. That dish and your descriptions are making me drool again.

Looks yummy @catholiver!


[quote=“robert, post:479, topic:3429”]
That’s a d’Artagnan andouille.
[/quote]Where would one get something like that?


I can’t remember this year but I got it at Costco last year.


I’m pretty amazed at what y’all find at Costco. I wish we lived close to one.


We used to live 50 miles away but would still go once or twice a month. Make a day off it. Hit TJs, have lunch, etc.


Comes and goes at some Costcos. Three pounds / eight sausages for $16. You can get it online but it’s a lot more expensive.


Okay, so now I feel lazy. Ours is about 15 miles from home and even closer to my job.


That is crazy! Eat a grape or something. :wink:


:grin: I know you probably feel the same way about my fattening food habits. I don’t know about @catholiver, but I eat a lot more healthy than my posts suggest. The fattening stuff is just more fun to talk about.


Cooking tip: If you accidentally use sugar instead of salt on your shrimp, just add soy sauce. Everyone will think you did it on purpose and compliment you. :smirk:


Silly. I’m sure @catholiver knows I’m teasing. We’d all be bored to death if we posted nothing but our kale salads and brown rice. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Totally! You should have seen the pasta from last night’s dinner. Loaded with all manner of vegetables. But cheese toast is one of my comfort foods.


With the blustery weather, I was craving kimchi nabe, a Japanese take on kimchi jjigae. I made a vegan version of Just One Cookbook’s recipe. Nothing like a comforting hot pot on a rainy day!

Prepped ingredients.

The finished article. I ate my nabe with a bowl of brown rice, but I’ll cook up some udon with the leftovers tomorrow.



Lovely. Very impressive mise en place :relaxed:.


And somehow I condensed all that, plus your breakdown of how you revised it with fish sauce, etc., into my new favorite dinner: Baked sweet potatos with sambal oelek.


These German hippies I met years ago made a spread for toast by blending tofu with a lot of sambal olek.


Here’s my go-to fattoush. Perfect for a nice, light weekday lunch.

I added lemon zest and garlic to the recipe.


Here’s my take on Chloe Coscarelli’s avocado pesto pasta. I added some roasted tomatoes and almond shavings.