What's cookin'?


On a rack at 325-350° until it hit 130°. It was 65° when it went in.


Did you brown it first?


If the fat hadn’t browned enough I’d have torched it, but it was fine.


Thanks. Also about how long did it cook?


I didn’t pay attention to the time, I just kept an eye on the digital readout. Usually it takes around 90 minutes.


Went over to a non-dairy-having friend’s house last night for an Oscar jamboree, so I made some dairy-free earl grey chocolate pudding (with wafers/berries). It’s a recipe from this vegetarian cookbook that I’ve been loving called A Modern Way to Cook.

The crazy ingredient… silky tofu!

Basically, brewed the tea, wrung out the moisture from the tofu, then blended together with some vanilla. Separately, melted dark chocolate and maple syrup, then blended that into the tofu/tea. It turned out really great. The earl grey came through nicely, and the texture was what you’d want a pudding to be. I definitely plan to make again at some point.


That’s close enough. Thanks.


I’ve been having really intense cravings for peanut noodles lately. I decided to combine my go-to recipe from Aarti Sequeira with a newer Donal Skehan one. Instead of topping the noodles with chicken, I made a batch of Maangchi’s pan-fried tofu in soy sauce. Other additions include lots of crunchy vegetables for lightness and texture. Also I used soba noodles instead of udon or spaghetti, as the buckwheat lends a nice, nutty flavor.



Very nice plate of food, and I like really your chop sticks.


I guess we have to trust you that there are noodles under there.


I’m just as surprised as you that this tasted good. And not really at all like it looks. Looking at it, I was concerned that this sweet potato noodle with chipotle miso sauce would be too earthy, but that sauce was great with the crunch and bite of the rest of the ingredients.

My picture doesn’t really show the sauce well, but when I mixed it up, it was there and was plenty. A really nice spice and texture combo.

Here is the recipe, if you’re interested.


Huh. Not sweet potato noodles but sweet potato “noodles” of raw sweet potato put through a spiralizer. Raw sweet potato sounds like something only a raw-vegan-dieter would eat, but if you say it’s good I’ll have to try it.


Ah, yes. I should have made this distinction.

I also should have mentioned that I deviated a bit from the recipe that I linked to in that I didn’t eat them raw. Not completely. I sautéed them in some butter for a bit. Still, the spiralized sweet potato noodles seemed to serve mostly as a vehicle / texture. That could be because I had a different type of sweet potato, too.


Thanks so much, @Bookwich. The chopsticks are from Daiso. Perhaps 4 or 5 pairs for $1.50? Shh, it’s a secret.

Your sweet potato noodles look great, @President_Mochi! I’ll definitely check it out some time.


Which variety of sweet potato? I usually buy Diane.


Fried (or Roasted) Brussels Sprouts with Fish Sauce Vinaigrette.

I am very tired of Brussels sprouts. My CSA has included them almost in every box since November. I googled a bit hopelessly this morning and found this David Chang recipe.


I didn’t have lime juice, so used lemon, and dried Thai chili flakes instead of fresh peppers. I also shredded the sprouts, because I just can’t eat those little balls anymore, but then left them in the oven too long, so some of them have a potato chip texture. Not a problem.

It came out well; you can barely tell you’re eating Brussels sprouts.


I’m not 100% sure, to be honest. Based on the white flesh, I would maybe guess Hannah.

But turns out, there are apparently 6,500 sweet potato varieties. Wild. http://www.all-about-sweet-potatoes.com/sweet-potato-varieties.html


You made it sound so doable. I went with the easy, small batch fermentation lid. My first batch:

Fermented Leeks with Horseradish, Gjelina cookbook.

I’ll keep you updated.


It is easy!


Apple hand pies and pizza with speck, fresh mozzarella, and Thai bail. . Both were total fails because neither crust came out right. But the apple filling was great, and the pizza was okay as long as you only ate the inside part and fed the outside crust to your ecstatic dog.