What's cookin'?


We’re ON Santorini right now! Eating lots of seafood including multiples of octopus!


Oh wow.

My cousin said she would never go back unless she was prepared to stay forever! It’s that wonderful.

Nice couple!


Leaving Santorini tomorrow for three nights on Naxos and two on Paros, which we’ve heard good things about. Eating our hearts out. And drinking really good and cheap wine, both white and red.

We talked to a Canadian couple who have spent two months a winter on Paros for many years.

Too keep it even remotely food related, here are a couple of pix.




We’re sure enjoying it. Tonight is leftover lamb and potatoes (done 'semi-sous-vide) and this salad leftover from two lunches.


That looks sooo Greek. We have got to stop eating out so much and save. Greece & Italy or bust!


Dinner tonight was what I consider free. Leftover lamb and potatoes. And that great salad. If you ever want to talk about living frugally in order to travel - also frugally - any can PM me. Or someone can start a thread.


I think that would be great!

L.A. is a candy store for food seekers. Every time we drop $100+ on an unnecessary meal (not a special occasion, dinner with friends, etc.) I think, that is one less day of retirement and traveling. I must be getting older, to be thinking this way :blush:.

But seriously, I think a thread for saving money on food and eating out would be awesome!


Once we get home I’ll think more about this. I certainly have ideas and I’m sure others do. Thanks.


Excellent. I think @President_Mochi and his First Lady are good at enjoying themselves whithout breaking the bank.


We used to have an old lady friend who was blowing through money. We tried to tell her that she could have anything she wanted but not everything she wanted. It’s how we live. xoc


Hi Home Cooks,

I know Steve @ranchogordo wouldn’t post this on FTC; too much like advertising. But I occasionally receive a newsletter and thought it would be okay to share.

Rancho Gordo News from Steve Sando: It’s Flageolet Season

"A Love Affair with Flageolet
I remember at first thinking Flageolet were rather bland but I’ve come to realize that they’re mild. They love to suck up whatever flavors you throw their way, so be creative and be bold. This bean has your back!

I asked Cassoulet: A French Obsession author Kate Hill about using Flageolet in cassoulet, as we were told to do many years ago. She winced. It’s not a good idea apparently and I apologize to you if you were one of the many people receiving bad advice from me. She does love them, just not in a cassoulet. Because they are mild and delicate, Kate loves to doll them up with a lemony vinaigrette. Another time, she told me she loves to toss them in duck fat, which seems odd maybe until you think of potatoes. Warm duck fat, well-seasoned Flageolet and a handful of chopped flat-leaf parsley. I can tell you what I’m doing for dinner tonight.

I like best to match them with a rich tomato sauce and my recipe is available in the newsletter. You may have a stick of hard cinnamon on hand and be tempted to try this but please don’t unless you have canela (soft cinnamon). Tomatoes with canela are rich and warm. The hard stuff has a harsher, brash flavor that works better for cinnamon buns than savory sauces. If you have leftover sauce, you can thin it out with some broth and make a soup or poach an egg.

Flageolet and lamb is a classic combination but for now, we’re going vegan with our tomato pairing recipe."

Sounds good to me (TheCookie).

Here’s the website if you’re an heirloom bean lover. They have recipes and even Bean Events :grin:

Happy Heirloom Bean Eating!


We try. She keeps me in check. If I’m out on my own, things can get a bit unwieldy, a la my recent Bulgarini/Holbox/Chichen Itza escapade… Oopsie.

The key for us has been sticking to home cooking during the week then only dining out on the weekends. There’s some overlap, but we try to stick to that. Then, we share as much as possible, which makes it a bit cheaper and also lets us both try more.

Plus, we’re lucky to live in LA where there is so much good, reasonably-priced food around.


Haha @President_Mochi -

Good stuff.

Yeah, my normally frugal husband gets a little happy at restaurants. And he eats way too much to be satisfied with sharing. But I could order less and pick at his plate. So that helps, thanks!

Yes, we need to start frequenting the “good, reasonably-priced” restaurants. You’re right, there are a lot of good ones and sometimes they’re more fun.

We can move these posts over to @catholiver’s new thread when she returns… Hehehe. How’s that for a nudge cath?

Happy Fun Frugal Eating!


I made pesto tagliatelle with Bulgarini pesto the other night. Leftovers, I put in a sauté pan and added an egg and some cherry tomatoes for breakfast.


Water boiled fish, which pairs beautifully with a nice Côtes du Rhône. Who knew?

My mouth is pleasantly numb, yet also pleasantly jammy.


I dig your photo.


Negi-toro / akami / uni chirashi don…


You ‘made’ that??? Wow. May I be so impolite and ask kinda/sorta what that cost?

  • Koshihikari rice / wasabi / shoyu / bowl / hashi: Perpetually in the house at the ready.
  • Negi-toro: $5 pack, available at local Japanese supermarket (includes sliced scallions)
  • Akami: $10 slab, available at local Japanese supermarket (didn’t even use it all up)
  • Uni: $12 pack (grade A) pre-packaged, available at local Japanese supermarket
  • Grilled nori: $2 pack, available at Japanese supermarket
  • Japanese fish knife: A gift from years ago, given to me by a good friend in Osaka (value is probably a tad over $1K if I had to guess)