What's cookin'?


I tend not to talk about my failures :slight_smile:


Hi -

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This lunch is unlikely to be repeated:
[/quote]I’m not surprised. Those were some far out ingredients.

Thanks for sharing!


He really does


Ahem… cough. Where is @MaladyNelson? I’m checkin’ in here after a brief absence. While thrilled to find new additions - nice work @J_L - I am a little disturbed not to find a pretty photo from our resident lady. :confused: :disappointed:


Of whom are we referring?


@MaladyNelson. She’s been a little scarce. But I just knew I’d find something from her on this thread… not.


This Chinon doesn’t have enough methoxypyrazine for my taste and I have most of a case left, so what the hell.


braised pork two ways: chunks of meat fried with tomato and cilantro; broth with fresh onions, fresh garlic, bell peppers, Tokyo turnip greens, and white beans


roasted beets marinated with onion, Dijon, white wine vinegar, olive oil, and fresh dill, served with goat cheese and pepper


That’s funny


The bell peppers worked, I like the wine better. It’ll be even better when I can get local peppers at the farmers market, this one didn’t have much flavor or aroma.


I liked my wine better this weekend also . I ruined prime beef short ribs from Costco this weekend . Made them before . Different smoker with different results .


They look great. How long did you marinate/roast 'em?

Also, I’m direct message you my address if you want to get that wine off your hands :slight_smile:


Roasted whole 75 minutes, marinated overnight.


Grilled lamb cut into lollipops with red currant jam , red wine , and butter sauce . White beans with , black pepper and bay leaf . Asparagus dressed with a little mayo , mustard , and red wine vinegar . Wine to drink . :wine_glass: Cheers .


Ooops on the big space above . Still figuring my phone out . LOL


Leftover Esterhazy sauce mixed with leftover Spanish-ish red cabbage: fresh horseradish, sour cream, and smoked paprika is a good combination.

The other dish was supposed to be cacio e pepe scrambled eggs, but I need to try again with a lot more cheese.


The lamb looks awesome!


This isn’t cooking but it really hit the spot. Trying to lose some weight so made this ham and cheese “sandwich” with a leaf of Romaine. Ham, cheese, tomato, etc. Wonderfully crunchy and good.