What's cookin'?


We put the whole cumin, scallion pieces, chili pepper flakes on top of the ribs. Will put together the recipe and share here when I get more time.



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My biggest pickling failure was cucumbers.
[/quote]Interesting…You’d think they’d be easy. But I trust you; you seem to be good at pickling things.


A couple of nights ago we had a steak with corn, sauteed mushrooms and an arugula and tomato salad. The leftover steak made us steak and eggs for breakfast yesterday. The rest of it made us an omelet today. I HATE wasting food.


Pesto made with the first basil of the season from the CSA box and the last fresh garlic of the season from the farmers market.

Acme was sold out of regular levain so I got this giant. That’s a 10" knife.


secondo e contorni


I want to live next door to you!


How many eggs did you use - There seems to be little on the pasta


Do people put eggs in pesto?

I mash the garlic with salt with a mortar and pestle, cover with olive oil to prevent oxidation, and let it sit for an hour or longer. That cuts the bite without losing the aroma. Then I emulsify that with olive oil and microplaned Reggiano in a food processor, then pulse the basil just enough to finely mince it without getting a bunch of liquid.


You may have confused my pic with robert’s. No pasta in mine. A two egg omelet but I didn’t shoot that.
Looked like this.


Didn’t you post the pic on carbonara ?


Ah yes. Different meal a few weeks ago. We actually had that again last night but no photo.


My new favorite chicken.Cooked in the pellet smoker last night. Basted with a mixture of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, Valentina hot sauce, melted butter, garlic, black pepper and salt.


trotter aspic with tomato, onion, and thyme

penne rigate, new red potatoes, and green beans with pesto


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Basted with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, butter, garlic, black pepper and salt.


Why can’t I give more than one thumbs up?


sloppy and slightly overcooked shakshuka


F[quote=“Emglow101, post:694, topic:3429”]
Basted with a mixture of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, Valentina hot sauce, melted butter, garlic, black pepper and salt.

Soy sauce and butter is one of my favorite things on steak. Your idea is genius. Of course I simplified it, cuz that’s what I do.

I had leftover jambalaya from the other night, so I stir fried it with eggs and a melted butter/Crystal hot sauce mixture. Brilliant. The teens loved it. I love it. (Btw, that was their breakfast. :slight_smile: )


And you saved money while making something really good. Yay for you.


Pasta with Mint and Parmesan

This was so light and good. I’d definitely prefer it as we did it as a side or maybe for lunch.


just discovered this thread so lots of reading to do but here’s some home fails and successes to share…
venison tritip with spaghetti squash on some mustard greens

sloppy pesto rack of lamb with some white risotto

pep&jala w/fake san marzanos

fried chicken sando

sausage leek mushroom pasta thing


vongole, yes with chz

this was prettier before i cooked it

drink cookin

and a little southern(real south) hospitality, the whitebait fritter