What's cookin'?


More pasta - my go-to when we get home midafternoon and have nothing planned and little on hand.

Sauteed red onion and grape tomatoes with RPF, s&p. After sauteeing, turned off the heat and tossed in peas. Chopped cilantro, a beaten egg and grated Parm in a bowl. When the pasta was almost done, reheat the 'sauce and cook some chopped shrimp.


What’s RPF?


LOL. Red Pepper Flakes. Sorry. A frequent term ‘over there.’


found myself in a tooth extraction of my 4 wisdom spots on friday so i’ve been on a chewing to a minimum diet. had purchased some yukon golds for a cheesy gallete but turned it into a leek and potato soup instead. topped with chopped pickles and chives, splash of olive oil. first used some smoked chicken feet i had in the freezer to make my stock in the pressure cooker


That soup looks and sounds wonderful. I had to look and think before I figured out the top photo. Did you smoke the chicken feet or can you buy them somewhere?



Nice looking . For eggplant parmigiana ?


Elaborate please. :slight_smile:




Monterey Bay squid with cassoulet beans .


deleted image


I picked up some zucchini blossoms and tomatoes from the farmers market yesterday. Stuffed the blossoms with anchovy and herbed goat cheese. Fried them in olive oil. Cut some Tomatoes up olive oil and salt. Made for a nice lunch


I’m so impressed! Frying squash blossoms has always seemed above my ‘pay grade.’ Good for you, E


I too grabbed some from the farmers market but didn’t get to using them yesterday in my pizza like i had planned, so now they’re starting to wilt a bit more than I wanted.

did burgs again



Which Farmers Market has Squash Blossoms? We struck out at the Saturday Santa Monica Arizona Market. One vendor says he doesn’t bring them since they don’t sell and are too delicate. We ended up getting ours from Northgate,


I happened to snag these all the way out in Newhall. Tiny little farmers market there.


Valdivia Farms at the Irvine FM had squash blossoms on Saturday. There was one other vendor that sells mostly Asian vegetables that also had them.


I think you can refresh squash blossoms that are slightly wilted by soaking them in cold water. I do that with basil all the time.


nice thanks, i’ll try it out