What's cookin'?


I know. I do it anyway.


Chemically, adding salt serves to make the boiled water hotter, temperature-wise.


You need 58 g salt to increase the boiling point of one liter water by 0.5 degree C - there is no reason to salt water for steaming


Adding salt to the water doesn’t change the temperature of the steam.


That is true, just like my original statement, which stands true on its own as well.


I like to add salt with the small amount of water that I use to steam . I want it to be like sea water. Next time I am thinking about adding kelp to the pot.


Kelp has aromatics that will perfume the steam.


One of those combinations of leftovers that’s unlikely to recur: chicken gizzards from a soju bang, pea leaf from a Cantonese place, and pickled pepper sauce from a Sichuan place.


Work Lunches

Scrambled Eggs with Chinese chives, scallions, and Thai chiles.


Bok Choy

Cold Marinated Cucumbers with lime juice, sambal, and garlic

Apple (store bought!)

Canned Sardines in Tomato Sauce Over Rice.
Aromatic base was onions,carrots,ginger,garlic,tomato.
Added store bought marinara and lots of black pepper!

Pork Neck Bones, Daikon, and Sprouts.


Corn chowder
My own version of the Filet O’Fish (haven’t had McDonald’s in about a decade…not about to break my roll now)


Nice looking bun, is that made or purchased? Next time you’ll have to try making hash browns to put in the middle so you can be like the cool kids! :wink:


I purchased sourdough rolls and the house made tartar sauce from The Original Fish Company in Los Alamitos. I’ve been going there for ages and they make fantastic clam chowders (yes, they make both New England and Manhattan and they’re both yummy) in addition to the fresh rolls and tartar sauce.
I’m undecided on the hash browns…sounds like a good idea, but I’m afraid it’s too much for me to handle.


Not like McDs HBs but I grate a potato on a box grater, add melted butter, s&p and cook in the waffle iron.


roasted cauliflower with Pecorino Romano sauce


What’s in the sauce?


Started with half a cup of water, half a teaspoon of sodium citrate, and half a pound of grated Pecorino Romano. That was too thick, so I added half a cup of milk and some Pomi tomato puree. Freshly-ground pepper on top.


Simplicity. Antebellum grits from Anson Mills though


Looks good, my friend.

Please try Anson Mills’s pencil cob grits, too. Amazing stuff.


Will do. I’ve tried their blue one too



That ought to last a while. Not pictured: piping bag.