What's cookin'?


Deconstructed tamale pie. Chili is underseasoned to leave room for some of the Pecorino Romano sauce I posted about above.


I did my usual "clean out the odds and ends from the 'frig " last Sunday. I found a couple of link sausages, some left tomato butts, marinated quartered artichokes and a sad, solo green onion. Chopped all of it up, beat in a couple of eggs and a splash of half and half, and voila! A really tasty frittata for breakfast. Leftover slices were made into a sandwich between some nice sourdough bread.


Unlikely to be repeated: warm open-faced cornbread and Kaukauna cheese ball sandwich with kimchi.


A free meal(s) that tastes great! I don’t think it gets a whole lot better than that.


First try making Naan. I think might be culinary masochist as I Used fresh milled whole wheat and leavened with sourdough starter. But turned out great! Brushed w ghee garlic and nigella seeds served with tandoori chicken and green tomato chutney


smoked some beef ribs this weekend for Super Bowl party. Here’s one rib cut off the rack.


Where do you source beef ribs like that? That’s not a usual cut that’s sold in the grocery store at the butcher’s counter.


pretty sure there was big long thread on differences between (plate vs. chuck) beef ribs cc: @Ns1

but you can actually find plate short ribs (which are used by the famous texas bbq joints such as Franklin bbq) at any market that sells sliced flanken korean short rib, just ask the butcher to sell you the entire pack uncut. Korean markets will probably have the best quality as opposed other asian markets.
Bought at 99 ranch:

this cut pic isn’t the best because it was taken about 5 hrs after the ribs were pulled , but it was cold. reheated it a bit and the moisture redistributed and it juicy and fantastic.


Awesome!! Thanks, @hppzz!
We just got a smoker for Christmas, so I don’t remember previous conversations. Saw @Hungrydrunk’s photo and was inspired to recreate.


i got these ribs from a friend in the restaurant industry. I believe these are the Plate Short Ribs (IMPS123A)
These are the same style as the ones used by most BBQ places when smoked Beef Short Ribs are mentioned.

An alternative are the chuck shorts ribs sold at Costco Business center.

Here’s the thread where beef ribs were discussed:


brought home some dover sole last night to cook for my first time. this particular one was from iceland(a true sole)

skinning was the only tricky part but similar to pulling the membrane off of a rack of pork ribs

very lightly seasoned with salt and flour and into a med hot pan with oil and butter

flip after 4-5min and cook for another 4-5 and add a bit more butter and capers to fry up and finish with a big squeeze of lemon. try not to muck up the sear

no plated pics bc i had no parsley and wife and i were hungry so we tore through it but served with some roasted cauliflower and zucchini. had some white rice for a carb but we didnt touch it. this fish lives up to its hype, ive only had it at cooked for me at restaurants but don’t let that stop you. once you have the skin off, you’re gtg.


where did you find this source product and how much did it cost you?


Dungeness crab on sale at Asian market so made Singapore chile crab (using its crab guts/roe)




Tamales pie.


Oh wow! Do you have a recipe? Don’t worry about writing one out but I was thinking this might be good when we have the kids and grands here in a couple of weeks.


I googled tamale pie. Used Valerie kitchen. I didn’t use green bell pepper. Used Ortega mild Chile instead,plus a can of enchilada sauce. Jiffy cornbread mix to top. I looked at other web pages and just used the recipe as a guideline. It was delish.


That sounds just perfect. I’m no fan of green bell peppers either. Thanks, em.


You might even want to try forgetting about the cornbread. I might do this next time. Just covering the top with your favorite tortilla chips. Sprinkle with a lot of cheese. Add little bit of the corn meal mix to the meat mixture . Bake it trying not to burn the chips. Removing from the oven. And Topping with sliced avocado. You can add the sour cream and cilantro as a garnish. Upside-down nachos? With the tamale pie interior.


Oh, wow, that sounds even better. Especially for little kids. As always, thanks, kiddo.