What's cookin'?


Source : Work. Free but cost to distributors or vip walk-ins is $10/lb.


Some of our meals from the last few days…

Friday night was Korean BBQ in honor of the Olympics opening ceremony. I think I accidentally erased the picture because it’s no longer on my phone! :open_mouth: I bought premarinaded chicken and bone-in short ribs from the Korean market and grilled them at home. Served with pickled daikon and cucumber, white rice and lettuce leaves.

Saturday night’s dinner was pork with capers, garlic and lemon, served with Parmesan roasted potatoes, and Ottolenghi’s roasted carrots with tahini sauce. Total mish-mash of food, but I really wanted to make the carrots as I had been craving them for a while!

Sunday night was homemade pizza. Used pepperoni, italian sausage, homemade sauce, olives, bell peppers, onion, and jalapeno. I ended up putting them on a sheet pan and cooking them outside on the grill, as my oven has been a little wonky and shutting off on it’s own. I was worried that it would shut off mid-bake, so decided to use the grill instead. I oiled the pan as we wanted a crispy thin crust this time. Came out nicely. Made 2 pizzas so we’d have leftovers for lunch on Monday.

Last night’s dinner was Malaysian style Indian. :slight_smile: Yellow dal with green chillies, onion, and curry leaves, luncheon meat stirfried with curry leaves, green chillies, turmeric, and dark soy sauce, fried bitter melon salad with lemon and onion, and papad. All served with white rice.


Beets with sour cream and dill. Basmati rice. Chicken legs.


Wow! That sounds and looks fantastic!


Bob sauteed a bunch of mushrooms in his usual way with s&p, garlic powder and butter. Cooked them down a lot til they were practically black but not at all burned. Made a grilled cheese sandwich including these. (I saw this on some site but can’t remember where.) On WF rosemary sourdough and brushed the outsides of the slices with melted butter. We cooked on the panini grill but of course you could do in a skillet. Perhaps the best sandwich we’ve ever made.


Looks delicious! What kind of cheese did you use?


Just cheddar cause that’s the only hard cheese I had on hand. Any recs for the next time — cause there will sure be a next time :slight_smile:


I’m a sucker for Swiss cheese and mushroom combinations.


recipe please!



WOW! Are those carrots? Have you eaten them yet? More info please :slight_smile:


Came in today’s CSA box. Will eat as salad later.