What's cookin'?


Another Marcella Hazan recipe, pasta with broccoli sauce. I’ve been cooking it for over 30 years so my version probably has nothing to do with the original.

1 can anchovies
1/4 cup? olive oil
3 cloves to 1 head garlic
hot pepper flakes
tart white wine
broccoli or cauliflower

Drain the oil from the can into an enameled cast-iron pan or similar, add oiive oil, press garlic into oil, simmer on medium heat until garlic is aromatic but not too brown, add anchovies and splash of wine, simmer.

Steam broccoli until soft, chop, mash into pan, simmer until it tastes right, correct salt (maybe with nam pla).

Orecciette is ideal but rigatoni or penne are good.

Canned tomatoes are about as close as I get to frozen vegetables.


My condolences. I bought a bag when my kid was very small so the nanny could just heat up something quickly for lunch.
Even the kid took a hard pass.


It steams up okay. Add lots of butter and parm, it’ll be edible. Or make soup.

You can actually use it in any recipe that requires parboiling, such as gratin, savory bread pudding, frittata, pasta dishes, etc.


Eat the broccoli.

Recycle the bag.


Broccoli cheese soup.


Oh, boy. Made another batch of les rolles de pizza this weekend. But this time, I slathered 'em in the leftover chipotle romesco sauce that I can’t get enough of from this recipe: https://minimalistbaker.com/roasted-cauliflower-tacos-with-chipotle-romesco/

All michelin stars are mine.


hard to pick which was better, though everyone preferred the creaminess of fresh mozza… 3rd pie didn’t make it into the phone :frowning:


You MADE those??? Wow! They look fantastic!


fug yea i made those. and a couple of FTCers even got to eat them. dough started on wednesday up above. so good and such a party pleaser.


So the dough fermented for several days?


They’re just so damn perfect looking. The shape, the arrangement of the cheese. Most things I do look pretty homemade :slight_smile:


yea 3 day cold ferment is where i’ve landed… i felt 4 got overly yeasty. 2 day ferment, pull out, let rise, knead, cold rest 1 more day


You used sourdough starter or yeast or what?


Just regular active yeast. I’d like to keep a Buga but concerned about what happens when we’re away on trips.


Sous vide artichokes. Prepped with a smashed garlic clove, pat of butter, lemon zest, and salt/pepper.


Out of the water bath after 2 hours at 180 degrees and ready for the grill.

And done…

I probably could have left them on the grill a little longer. Hearts came out perfect, but the outer leaves were pretty tough. I might experiment with more time in the water bath next time. Served with garlic butter spiked with a little Maggi Wurze. I will also post in the Sous Vide thread.


Only one egg for the two of us. Cooked a large sausage patty, toasted, buttered sourdough with sliced cheddar and a fried hard egg. (Probably should get to the store before the next snow storm comes through tonight!)


Late winter / early spring welcomes Spragel! Found some nice fat Dutch white aspragus at the supermarket. Classic preparation with hollandaise sauce, ham (Gran Biscotto) and boiled new potatoes.

Wasn’t sufficiently aggressive with the light heat aplication while whisking the hollandaise sauce initially, hence the watery puddle :unamused:


This morning’s breakfast. Leftover ribeye, egg and sourdough toast. (I reheat steak in the MW regularly, on a cutting board 10 to 15 seconds at a time, flipping. Stays nice and rare.)


I bought some merguez at Bristol Farms yesterday and decided to make this:

I also got some jarred harissa from World Market and made harissa mayo.

It was messy as hell, but oh so delicious.


Oh drool! Our WF occasionally has merguez sausage.