What's cookin'?


@TheCookie What an amazing turn around! Your new kitchen looks great!


Thanks @attran99!

It has been an odyssey. We are literally starting over. Everything was thrown out. Recently I had a dish in mind, bought ingredients, got home and realized we don’t have Tamari - something that’s been a pantry staple since I was a kid.

But who’s complaining? I :heart: the kitchen.


Not that it’s my business :slight_smile: But why was everything thrown out. Did you move? Water damage? You’ve probably already reported and I missed it.


Good question cath.

It wasn’t just the kitchen being done, it was the whole OLD house. It’s a triplex, and our place is on the first floor over the main pipes… :tired_face: We had to move out for months.

It started with our refrigerator. One of the workers unplugged it! What little was left (condiments, frozen stuff) turned the whole thing into a giant Petri dish. We thru everything out, including the fridge. Big project, small loss. Look at what I got! The Big Chill!

As far as the cupboard stuff goes. We packed and put it in the laundry room. But that’s where a lot of wiring, etc. is, making it central to the worker’s job. By the time we got back things had been disrupted and construction dust was everywhere. Plus we didn’t know how hot it got over the summer. Best to trash and start again.

The whole house was a huge undertaking (still continuing). Plus it’s three floors of family. It’s a very big house with a huge backyard. We generally live peacefully and know how to stay out of each other’s hair. But on this project blood was nearly shed. :sweat_smile:

There you go!


Ala Thel Dala (Sri Lankan “deviled” potatoes).

Potatoes stir fried with chilies, chili powder, turmeric, salt, onions (preferably red, but I was out), Maldive fish, and curry leaves. Served with rice and curry.


Thanks for explaining. And, yes, just focus on how great it is now. And that blood WASN’T shed!


For those of you that like Sriracha.


I’m tryin’ this.


In your super-duper new oven. :slight_smile:


How do you use your Spring Onions?


They’re great for eating.



I know, silly. But they’re so frequent. To cook or not to cook? Sautée or garnish?


You have to get those fat spring onions from the Farmers Market. About as big around is a cork., not those insipid tired ones you see at the supermarket. I’ve made them. It happens once a year


Yes, Emglow? But what do you do with yours?

Edit: How about I read @Sgee’s link? :relaxed:


That would be perfect to read his link. Grilled with the romesco sauce. So fantastic. That’s what you do with them


I meant infrequent. I knew brunch at 10am was a bad idea… too early for bottomless mimosas.


I use the white parts in place of regular onions. Sometimes I use the greens to flavor stock. I don’t use them like scallions.


Seems logical.

I made this…

Sauté Broccoli, Fiddleheads, Red Spring Onion, Garlic, Soy Sauce, Rice Wine Vinegar, Topped w/Egg, Spring Onions, Baby Calabrian Chili, Tajin

I’m still short on provisions and the stove gets really hot. That last part is a good thing but I need to adjust my time.

Oh, and it was delicious.


That looks and sounds fantastic! You must feel like a kid in a candy store :slight_smile: