What's cookin'?



Breakfast for dinner. Sausage patties, eggs over easy, toasted English muffin. With red wine…of course. Perfect.


Breakfast is in the morning. You’re having sausage and eggs for supper. With wine! :slight_smile:


I should have put it in quotes: “breakfast for dinner.” With wine :slight_smile:

ETA: We had chicken feet for real breakfast!


Tried out this Bo Luc Lac recipe:

Turned out pretty well. I used ribeye, and I was too lazy to go to the store and get watercress since I had everything else on hand so I just used green leaf lettuce instead.

I’m still looking for a Bo Luc Lac recipe that tastes like the one at Newport Seafood, though.


Andrea Nguyen is one of my cooking gods. I haven’t made this dish but she’s never led me astray.


You’re missing the secret ingredient, msg #MakesShitGreat


You’re right! Next time for sure!


I hate when I try and make a salad and my kitchen makes this instead


I hate it when that happens…



Good job @thechez5. Nice photo!



More pictures of the same dish but with a runnier egg. I still haven’t found my pots (just shallow pans), so no boiling eggs yet. And I forgot to add that Fiddleheads should be par-boiled before sautéing or frying. I never thought I’d enjoy eating something that is normally found in a boutonniere at a “hamster” wedding.



Broccoli Salad w/Avocado, Shallots & Sunflower Seeds

What I had on hand

Tajin gives a nice kick and adds some tartness when you don’t have any vinegar and your cousin has stolen your lemons.


I’ve wondered how Bo Luc Lac would taste using short rib instead of the traditional filet.


Shoot! Wrong thread. Damn it!


Good question!


asparagus, ripe bell pepper, and Pecorino Romano frittata

prep in search of a dish


Nice frittata


I’ve made this “crustless” quiche a gazillion times and a gazillion different ingredient combos.