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Msg doesnt hurt but try finishing with big dab of French butter after wok searing. While Newport’s version is tasty, the more traditional viet use of watercress blows it away. Crispy Wafercress>>limp salad. We top ours with pickled onion and dress ever thing in lime salt Vinaigrette. Just cooked it the other day:



Do you have a recipe for the lime salt vinaigrette?


The recipe I used on that website is actually yours. It says it’s from the Ravenous Couple. The only changes I did was the lettuce instead of the watercress and I cut the onions too thick. It was still delicious, but I’ll definitely use watercress and some French butter next time. Thank you!


It’s in the link I posted above.


Oops. Sorry. So you just mix it ‘to taste’?


typically most places that serve this leave a small dipping dish of salt/pepper/lime for you to mix and dip the meats. we mix that to taste (should be on sour side though) and dress that over everything and let that meld with the juices of the meat over the water cress and tomatoes. (juice from quick pickle onions also helps too)…and that serves as the vinaigrette for the veggies. :slight_smile: sorry we haven’t updated the site in ages… kids happen :slight_smile:


Baked on 4/20


This turned out to be really delicious. Never tasted anything like it before. This will be a regular for me when our CSA box gives us more winter squash than I can keep up with. Instead of making my own seed crackers as per the Saveur article, I served it with Trader Joe’s “whole grain crispbread,” which seems like around 50% sunflower, sesame, and flax seeds.

I used some homemade St. Kitts curry powder, omitted the fennel pollen and onion powder, and used the juice of a whole Meyer lemon in place of the regular lemon juice. I think the amchoor makes a significant contribution. I also simplified the process by adding everything else to the food processor bowl while the fresh squash, sweet potato, and garlic were steaming.


Anyone recognize these mystery greens? Came in our CSA box, new to me, I think they need to be cooked. Small, leaves are only a little more than an inch wide. Very firm stem.


They look a bit like Red Mustard Greens, but I’m not 100%.


Looks like baby red mustard to me, too.


Doesn’t taste like mustard greens, but maybe that’s because they’re babies.


Full Belly confirms that it’s young red mustard.


Attempted to make Hoi An Cao Lau noodles from scratch


pineapple express upside down cake?


I :heart: Pineapple Upside Down Cake.


I haven’t made pizza in too long. TJs dough, M. Hazan’s tomato, butter, onion sauce, a little oo, mandolin sliced mushrooms, onion, jalapeno, (hold on!) a new potato!, some ground pork seasoned with fennel seed, RPF, s&p, a slice of bacon sliced thin and cooked, some sliced grape tomatoes, mozzarella. Anything else?

I use this technique: https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2013/10/pizza-cherry-tomatoes-garlic-mozzarella-recipe.html

This was really good.



WOW! Could you talk a bit about what you did here???