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Stoner humour :sunglasses:


Chicken Mole Tacos

Chopped chicken breast, ground chicken, shallots, garlic, seasoned w/tajin & sea salt, browned/sautéed in olive oil, simmered in Modelo beer (any lager will do), San Angel Dark Mole, butter (to cut the acidity of the San Angel) and a Chunky Chocolate Bar (w/raisins).

Basic store bought tortillas

Mole from scratch is on a list I call “things to do when I retire”. In the meantime, doctoring someone else’s works great if you know what flavors you want. I did shred the cheese and head of lettuce myself. :relaxed:


I’ve been out of Hazan’s tomato, butter, onion sauce for a while. Made a batch and I freeze it like this. That’s a mini-muffin tin and each one holds about a mounded T of sauce. Freeze, remove from pan and put in zipping bag in freezer.


Big freezer. What are you cookin’ with it?


Looks like something from the mustard family.



I frequently use it for the sauce on pizza.


@robert, This is a very tasty recipe that I think you may enjoy. My photo isn’t very good (it’s a taste check bite), and I hadn’t added chicken yet, but the soup so very good!



I don’t like quinoa cooked that long. I usually cook it separately and add it at the end. Same for whatever meat I’m adding.

Barley cooked for a long time in broth, on the other hand …


That is interesting, because I generally don’t like quinoa. It always seems too crunchy or chewy for my taste, especially in grain bowls and salads. I was hesitant to try this recipe for that reason, but the quinoa was very good, adding a congee-like texture to the soup.

Barley is a favorite of mine, but one must be careful, it can add a slimey texture to soups or stews.


I was thinking that’s what it looks like - quinoa congee!

I agree about barley in soups, it can be good if it’s not overcooked, otherwise it can be very, very bad.

P.S. I :heart: Peruvian chicken and green sauce (yellow too). So why not in a soup?


The photo was fuzzy and non-enlightening :slight_smile:

A couple of changes/enhancements to our usual. We usually serve burgers on English muffins, toasted on the grill. No EMs. So we had some local rosemary olive oil bread. The addition was we grilled a couple of (maybe) Thai eggplants. (Asian for sure) OO, s&P. Wound up spooning them out of the skins and put them on the burger. Along with grilled onions, cheese, arugula and avocado. Maybe our best burger-effort yet.



Lunch was some egg salad, avocado toast :slight_smile: on WF rosemary sourdough, slices of cheddar cheese, and a few bites of leftover pork rib. A glass of milk.


This washed-rind cheese has a lot of character. Reminds me a bit of Livarot or Port Salut. It was originally developed by a guy who was working in a Limburger plant.

The proofing times were too long, First rise, it had considerably more than doubled in 90 minutes. An hour, half an hour, and 15 minutes might be more like it.

I did half with pepperoni. Next time I’ll use half a pound over the whole pie.

Kenji’s recipe says to cut the cheese in cubes but I think with a motorized grater it won’t be a problem to shred it. I used a whole pound since two half-inch slices were only two-thirds of a pound. Next time maybe I’ll try the 12 oz. recommended in the recipe.

This cooked for 15 minutes at around 525° fan. The edges didn’t get as black as in Kenji’s photo but I didn’t want the pepperoni to burn. Next time maybe I’ll put all the pepperoni under the cheese.

I made only half a recipe of the sauce, since Kenji said it was enough for two pies, but I think enough sauce to cover the whole pie would be better. Might be better not quite as reduced. Definitely could be unsalted because the cheese and pepperoni contribute so much.

Results are somewhere in between fried soft focaccia, croque madame, and grilled cheese. Great stuff though like Kenji says, maybe not every month.


Here is the chicken that used to be at the bottom of my refrigerator. Now it is roasted with spring onions, thyme, lemon and butter.


Here’s one of the chickens in my chicken coop…

… and here’s how she pays her rent.


That is one of my favorite meals ever!!

My sister would do a roast chicken. The cavity would be stuffed with lemons and herbs, and the skin would be stuffed with butter and herbs. Underneath the chicken would be mire poix and potatoes, and all those drippings from the chicken, lemon, butter, and herbs would season those vegetables. So good.


Right? So many versions of roast chicken, but that combination is definitely my favorite.


You have chickens?? What kind?