What's cookin'?


Happy Yummy Birthday @LAgirl!


2-1/4 lbs. of leftover leg of lamb. Maybe I’ll make a couple of dishes.


I’ve been making Frugal Gourmet’s lamb with orzo forever. Don’t know why you couldn’t use already cooked lamb.



I put half a pound of well-done aside and am making something like coda alla vaccinara plus French green lentils with the rest.


Will you just add the lamb at the end? Or cook it til tender?


I added the lamb at the end. Also cooked the lentils in the pressure cooker to make sure they were soft, and added them at the end.


I haven’t heard about the Frugal Gourmet in YEARS! I have some of his cookbooks somewhere. I guess I shouldn’t feel weird to use them.

On a side note. EVERYONE is THROWING DOWN in here. I’ve been missing out.


I used to read your blog way back when, like a decade ago. IIRC, you had a child. Did you ever start it again?


We had a second :baby:, lol. We still do a lot of cooking just sharing it now on instagram. Thanks for reading back in the day!


I always use Jeff Smith’s method for boiling/poaching white meat and whole chickens. The recipe has a generic name like Chinese Boiled Chicken. Since joining FTC I realize it was probably influenced by Hainanese Chicken.


The makings of a Quinoa / Ground Chicken Bowl

Not as pretty as the salad but much better use of the red kale.


More later please!


What the hey is this? I need this!!!

I’ve been playing heaps with the Barefoot Contessa baked “risotto” adding chicken and mushrooms and asparagus (instead of the peas) and it’s tasty. But… Your pasta dish looks fab and summer perfect!


Hoy cow. What a brilliant idea to use it in a cold dish.

I’m mournful here as, I’ve been hitting the stores and, no rhubarb, except the one day when it was $4 a pound and I said “No.”

Funny as, on the west coast I’ve paid 3 a pound for years. Wonder why that extra made me stamp my feet.


I used to have a ‘rule’ that I wouldn’t pay more per pound for a vegetable than for the meat. Got over that a LONG time ago.


Same! Learned my lesson and asked the store manager when the next shipment would be and stocked up. They freeze well supposedly so I vacuum sealed some. We love it raw!


More of a spring dish. Fresh homemade tagliatelle with really fresh peas from the farmers market, mushrooms, cream, butter, Reggiano … that might have been it.


I thought that looked like homemade pasta. I haven’t made any in too long.


“Fresh homemade tagliatelle”?

Wow. You rock. I keep wanting to try making pasta dough in my food processor but have yet to try it.

That does sound like a perfect spring dish. One of my fav summer pastas is this tomato brie pasta - but I always use mozzarella or provolone instead of the brie. Very little cooking, tons of summer flavor and great for potlucks as it’s best at room temp.


I always make my pasta in the FP. I have weak hands and that makes it so easy.