What's cookin'?


catholiver -

That’s beautiful! And do you roll it out with a pasta machine or an attachment to your mixer?

Years ago I had not sweet light cocoa pasta with butter and a bit of parmesan. KILLER. I’d love to be able to make that at home!


I have the attachments to my KA stand mixer. It’s quite a process so I get my husband and his two hands to help. It take up a lot of room as you can see from the photo.






Robert -

Fab listing on the drying rack. I’d heard of some folks using wooden clothing drying racks for pasta - but your “made for it” rack is even cheaper than the make do’s!


I just ‘lay’ them out.


Geothermal Sous Vide Merit Badge Unlocked

Ok not “home” cooking. But home is where the heart is and that’s usually far from other people’s homes for me. 1.5 lbs. trimmed pork loin in a 150 degree hot springs in remote location. Put some carrots with sugar/butter/parsley in too. Despite knowing carrots should have been at higher temp I had plans to look for fish further downstream so knew both were going to be in for about 3 hours.

Seared pork on six sides. Was outstandingly tender but I should have packed in some sort of fruit compote. Garam masala couscous and a funny bordeaux of primarily petit verdot decanted in a nalgene. Carrots came out underdone but seared enough to be tasty. There were pools hot enough to get close to the recommended 180 degrees. Just got lazy. And double ziploc bagging was precarious. I’d try and do a proper vaccum seal next time. Was dark by dinnertime and I’m not one to interrupt a good meal for pics. Right up there for backcountry dinners though.


That. Is. Awesome.


And if it don’t taste right, you gotta complain to the Chef: Mother Earth.


You so deserve to be invited to MAD Symposium next year.


Talked to one of our daughters this AM. She and her family (including a six and two year olds) are heading out for a couple of weeks of camping and river canoeing. I told her about this and she was impressed. With two little ones this is beyond her at this point but impressed nonetheless.


Made some chipotle ribeye tacos topped with onions, cotija, habanero, and cilantro. I used Masienda’s heirloom corn tortillas.


Popcorn popped on the griddle pan for dessert after cooking a ribeye.


Found a bunch of old poppy and black sesame seeds left over from a past life and ground up a batch of shichimi togarishi (japanese seven spice) with blood orange zest for last weekend’s trip. Nice to be down by the river - easy to keep the beer cold.

airbnb kitchen

off to the store

bagging groceries

they just don’t make sporks like they used to


What a perfect vacation. Those fish are beautiful.


What river are you on ?


The one Merle ain’t never swimming again.


Wow, I can see the rainbow on the trout skin!

When I was a kid, my family could only afford to go on annual camping vacations to Truckee and twice to Mt. Shasta (sooo far from San Francisco!). One year, my dad caught over 100 trout – he kept following the hatchery truck as it released along the river over several days. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


4 hours to Mt Shasta from sf. My new home . I have lots of water. And trout .


Corn stock.

People need to make more from corn cobs than just compost.

Good for making rice pilaf, oatmeal, any base for soup, or just sipping it slowly from a coffee mug.


makes a mighty fine risotto.