What's cookin'?


Good tip, I hadn’t thought of that and we’ve been eating a lot of corn lately as it’s been really good.


I had some roasted beets and needed a side dish so I sauteed onions and caraway in goose fat and then heated the beets in it. Next time I’ll toast and grind the caraway.


Sirloin cheeseburger on a Vons Baked Kaiser Roll.


um, you used a lid right? :astonished:


Used the True Food Kitchen recipe as a base and made a kale salad with baked, cubed chicken breast and sliced mango. Surprisingly good.

But I’ll still say yes to McDonald’s fries : )


I made lamb burgers with caramelized red onions, goat cheese, thick cut bacon, harissa mayo, and arugula. The lamb patties were made with paprika, cayenne, garlic, and fresh mint. The buns were toasted in the skillet with the lamb “grease” from the patties and some butter.


went with viet cajun for the 4th


Neglected to take any pictures, but for the Fourth, whipped up some cauliflower/romesco tacos, black bean ragout, miso butter corn and kale + cashew/lime/cilantro cream nachos.

And this morning for breakfast, I combined the leftovers from everything into one pile of a dish.



Vine Peppcorn Chicken - very flavorful. If you are into Sichuan Peppercorns, you should try this


Off-topic but Andrea Nguyen just posted that at Costco all the black pepper, both peppercorns and ground coarse and fine, are from Vietnam. I checked today and it is.


ground lamb, fresh fennel, onion, tomato, chickpeas, macaroni, fresh oregano, pepper


I forgot to take a picture last night. We had this leftover from local mussels for lunch the other day.

I added about a cup of very bland chicken broth as I had no clam juice. Added a little blob of M. Hazan’s tomato butter sauce, maybe a third of a canned chopped tomatoes with a bit of the juice, white corn cut off the cob and 8 oz of cod cut into 1" cubes. Simmer about 5 minutes. Squeezed in a little lemon juice. Light and tasty.


It’s been around 100 in Reno lately so here was last night’s dinner.


First two of three courses were seriously unphotogenic.

Pasta alla Briscola: la Briscola was an absurdly cheap prix-fixe restaurant we went to regularly when we lived in Rome in the 80s. They always served short pasta like tubetti or ditalini with a simple parsley-tomato sauce. My version is a little minced onion sauteed in olive oil, Pomi tomato puree, and one bunch of parsley, simmered until the parsley is fairly cooked. Put a chunk of Reggiano and a grater on the table.

Lamb chops marinated in garlic, salt, rosemary, Meyer lemon, and olive oil, broiled. Served with ratatouille.

I had half a dozen peaches I wanted to use up before they spoiled and found Jamie Oliver’s recipe for his grandmother’s peach clafoutis. I substituted sour cream for some of the milk, didn’t bother warming the milk, used 1/2 teaspoon of salt, and omitted the nutmeg and the sugar sprinkled on top at the end. Due to the large amount of milk and small amount of flour, the result was not a clafoutis but a delicious custard. I plan to try it again without fruit, maybe with coffee.


So take this and remove the Turkish lamb kofte and the corn and add pork burgers and peaches.

With 100 degree temps for the coming week some version of this may be every night’s dinner. Lunch was BLTs with farmers market tomatoes.


Looks good. I thought you were in Tahoe – isn’t that a fair bit cooler?


We sold the Tahoe place a couple of months ago. The going back and forth was starting to feel like a job. And it costs plenty what with taxes, insurance, utilities.

As to being cooler, yes but… It’s supposed to be high 80s there which sounds better but our place and others we know don’'t have AC. So pretty toasty.


From our kofte grill dinner I had a little meat, red bell pepper, shishito and Vidalia onion left. Made a fave breakfast of what I call a “faux-tata” but others call and omelet.

Warmed up the leftovers, poured over the egg, cook til set (lifting as needed), add the cheese, cook and turn out.

It makes me a little crazy(er) to see people wasting food. We were out to breakfast recently and the man beside me left most of his corned beef hash (which he said was great). I didn’t have guts enough to ask if I could have it to take home :slight_smile:


It’s all about the potato pancakes. Still figuring them out .