What's cookin'?


beefsteak tomatoes, feta, olive oil


rhubarb crisp

Grilled Porterhouses and potato salad also on the menu.




“What’s the French word for rhubarb?”



This is just the kind of burgers we make. People have asked how we eat them and I say “squish and nibble.” Those buns look great. Are they anything special? We’ve been using English muffins for some years.


Just the packaged brioche buns from Whole Foods.


Ooh, I hadn’t thought of that. I imagine they’d keep fine in the freezer? There are just the two of us. Thanks for the info.


No worries. Onions we’re sliced and cauliflower was chopped into small ish florets. I liked that they felt well-filled… Others in the house didn’t agree. So I think the cauliflower size can shift to preference.


Pasta. With this on top: Ingredients? Hmm. Bacon, (home) ground pork, olive oil, garlic, white wine, onion, grape tomatoes, basil puree (from TJs), capers, white corn. Hmm again - what am I forgetting :slight_smile:


penne saltado in padella with crookneck squash and pesto


Instead of ‘hitting’ heart I’m going to say “drool” as obviously experienced by the diners ::slight_smile:


First time making sheng Jiang bao


Would you mind sharing your go-to pesto recipe? I haven’t been loving the ones I’ve been making lately.

Daaaaaaaaang. Adopt me.


Look great. Do you make other bao? Some years ago I made XLB and honestly thought the pleating was the easiest part of the process. And it was a two day process for me with the broth being the first day. That dough was pretty easy to work with. Sometimes now I make har gow and other dumplings with THAT kind of dough and find the pleating a lot more tedious. But I took an Asian dumplings class a few years ago from Andrea Nguyen and she stressed to not worry about the looks; they’d still taste great. And she was right.


My pesto (really pistou) recipe is pretty loose. Amounts vary depending on how much garlic I feel like using and how big and fragrant the bunch of basil is.

Put maybe 1/2 teaspoon salt in the bottom of a mortar, put garlic through a press into the mortar, mash into a paste, pour some olive oil on top, let sit for at least half an hour.

Chop Reggiano (maybe part pecorino Romano or Sardo, or 100% young Sardo or similar) into matchsticks, put in food processor, process until fine.

Add mashed garlic and more olive oil, process until creamy.

Add the leaves from a bunch of basil, pulse until chopped fine but not puréed.

Optionally, add toasted Italian pine nuts after you sauce the pasta.


Sounds great. Thanks for writing all of that out.

Good thing I just got a mortar.


Slow Cooker Pork Chops.


My goodness, these are good! The last time I fixed them I had apple cider but not brown sugar (traveling). This time the reverse. Still super. Highly recommend. Especially in this heat.


Detroit-style pizza #4. I forgot to add the sauce! Sheesh. Served it as a dip.


That may be one of the most drool-worthy things on this site. Holey Moley it looks so good.


How do you define “pizza”?

Cauliflower crust / Broccoli / Artichoke / Bell Pepper / Burrata / Pine Nuts / Lemon / Basil (not pictured)


Could you talk more about this please? Did you make the crust? How long did you cook? Anything you wish to share. It looks great.