What's cookin'?


Here’s the dinner plate (with TJs Harvest Grains with leftover mushrooms and Vidalia onions). And, yes, that’s ‘gravy’ on each one :slight_smile:


I was right on the verge of making dinner last evening. Pork tenderloin, fried okra, corn, Vidalia onion and tomato. And suddenly thought: I’m tired of eating real dinners. Bob got us a Papa Murphy pizza instead :slight_smile:


Didn’t cook it - just grabbed one from WF’s. Here’s a link to the one I used, but they had a bunch of other options: https://www.califlourfoods.com/

I think ours got a bit burnt, but I didn’t mind the crunch. There’s another version of this veggie recipe where you just tear French bread and cook them along with the veg. So, in a way, it was nice to have the crisper texture in the mix.


The only ingredients are cauliflower, mozzarella, and eggs. I thought it looked sort of like a frittata.


Finally found another farmers maker vendor that grows real corn. So good.


I’m a white corn only person! I’ve taken to cutting it off the corn the last few years. I got so tired of flossing forever :slight_smile:


I like both yellow and white so long as they taste like corn.

Hate supersweet of any color, which is all I’d been able to find for a few years,


We moved from SF to a small town in Southern Oregon. Six acres. Ill never forget the night our daughters were visiting and we all decided we needed a second ‘round’ of corn. So daughter #2 and I went out and picked four more ears. What a luxury :slight_smile:


Tonight’s dinner will include okra and tomatoes:

Yes, I actually used a recipe:

For the last two nights I was going to fry the okra but just couldn’t bear the thought. Even with the AC it’s too dang hot.


By the time this cooked a bit longer there was little liquid and the okra was still “al dente.” My “Yankee” husband said that it was the best okra he’d ever had. And he even likes the slimy kind. If you’re brave :), try it. You just might be surprised.


Dinner tonight:

Spicy Pork Stew with Butternut Squash and Roasted Tomatillo Salsa (Mozza at Home), with Braised Sweet Corn, Chili, Cilantro and Lime (Gjelina)



How does one braise corn?


Nice. More so I noticed your plate with a classic Deruta pattern .


Too hot to cook so it was salad for dinner.
Seedless watermelon and burrata cheese from Trader Joe’s dressed with chopped basil, mint, Persian cucumber, shallots, white wine aged balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

I’m usually not a fan of store bought fresh burrata, but Trader Joe’s version was quite smooth and creamy.


Soften minced onion and chilies in fat, add corn and toss, add a little corn broth made from corn cobs. Cover and simmer until corn is tender. Add feta and cilantro, toss.



What is that tool? I need to order one right now, bcause I plan to get a bushel of corn tomorrow.



I saw a trick the other day and we used it and it worked. So simple. Just put the ear at about a 45 degree angle to the board. Worked great.

Speaking of large quantities of corn, some years ago I froze summer corn. In about 2C portions. The FoodSaver didn’t work so well as it kept sucking the juice out. I just wrapped tightly in plastic wrap and then put multiple packages in a zipping bag. What an incredible treat in the dead of winter! And to gild the lily here’s Veggo’s old recipe for shrimp, corn and poblano soup.


Roasted chicken breasts in the crockpot for sensitive kitten tummies (not glamorous but boy does it help!) and tomorrow?

Eggs with the Columbus turkey bacon from costco and? Toasted italian bread from Frisco baking company.