What's cookin'?


Probably my favorite sandwich!

In case you’re interested, here’s something affordable at Target. I got it for a friend and it works fine, but so does the vegetable peeler.


Half the price of a small Benriner, not bad.


I made a shrimp/melon/cucumber salad a la Chang. Here are the leftovers.

(The other jars are watermelon juice and nuoc cham.)


I’ve had good experiences with a number of OXO products.


I have this -

Picked it up almost new at a thrift shop. ($8) Love it but? The blades are SO sharp and it takes up so much space and is hard to clean (again, fear of being near the blades) - that I just leave it in the drawer. So to me that means I don’t have one : p

And Robert? “Half the price of a small Benriner, not bad.”
I first saw a a Benriner mentioned on Smitten Kitchens page. But again it’s the fear of loose sharp blades that makes gulp. Maybe the OXO will be a good fit for me. But for now? A peeler/julienne peeler is getting me though the days. Don’t like that I just have one thickness. DO like that it’s so easy to store and use.


As soon as I use my mandoline I immediately rinse (hard) with water. So I rarely touch it :slight_smile: When I do it’s in the sink soaking til clean. Again not touched.


That works even with stuck veggie bits?

It’s so scary.


That V-shaped blade makes no sense to me.


Benriner blades aren’t loose.


Yes. When we make pizza I slice a ton of veggies for it. On the mandoline. I really can’t use the protector-thingy because of the size of the things I’m slicing. I’m super care and knock wood haven’t cut myself in a few years. Double knock wood.


I use the protector when I get down to the last half inch or so.

We have both sizes of Benriner plus an actual big, steel mandoline, which gets used mostly to julienne celery root for remoulade.


It takes experience to know how and when.


It scares me!


true. You set them in and - good to go.

Will be looking at it.


Get a chain-mail glove. Also handy for shucking oysters.


Yikes! For the prices I am seeing - I could have a knight of the realm do my shucking for me!


I think you could get Kevlar gloves, it doesn’t have to be a chain mail one


Thanks! That looks like a fab option as well and? Cheaper!

But no visiting knights : (


There’s a review that specifically says they didn’t hold up to mandoline use and recommends these instead:


I’ve been using this to shuck oysters for many years.