What's cookin'?


Interesting. And still under $9. And available in small! Hmmm…



We have this one, and like it a lot:

I used it without the guard-thing once, and the kitchen looked like a crime scene afterwards. I now have the SS mesh glove.


Oh no :frowning: I’m just so old and super cautious I guess. Heal well.




Grilled bulgogi made into tacos with cucumber salad. And rice .


When you live on the edge like I do, sometimes you significantly over-salt your batch of roasted broccoli. Like woah. But! Nothing a brick of melted mild cheddar couldn’t fix.

One brick = one serving, right?


It’s slightly cooling down here in Reno but here’s dinner.


And leftover steak, corn, tomato, avocado. And that Costco focaccia that we’re quickly getting hooked on.


havent had a pizza night in a while


Nice undercarriage.


I guess this is Home Cooking or maybe home cooking :slight_smile:

When we reheat pizza, we put the pizza stone in the cold oven and heat to 400. Brush not too much oo on the slices and heat for 7-10 minutes.


I like the stovetop method since it’s fast.


What’s the stovetop method please?



@robert, you have always been one of my gods but THIS is just plain briliant! Thanks a gazillion.


That’s my go-to as well. No more toaster oven.


pro move is the microwave to the skillet. lot quicker



Great tentacle porn.


Here’s one from our Greece trip last year.