What's cookin'?


Spam musubi again last night. Had sushi rice this time which made it a lot easier and prettier :slight_smile: No pix.


Oven baked BBQ ribs, mushrooms, tomato, avocado, leftover (from lunch out) fries with ranch.


Breakfast. We had a taco leftover from take out a couple of nights ago. I reheated the fillings and scrambled with an egg and cheddar. Toasted focaccia. Breakfast for one.


That was funny.


Fried Green Tomato Chicken Cheeseburger

Came across green heirlooms at Whole Foods and was inspired by @Midlife’s search for green tomatoes.

… and Apple Slaw


We had an unopened bag of top-quality tortilla chips so I tried improvising some salsa from what we had on hand.

I started with a pint of homemade spicy tomato sauce a friend gave me. I roasted a couple of jalapeños, added them along with some red onion and the juice of a lime, and blended them.

Then I remembered we had some leftover Cuban mojo de ajo so I thought, OK, there’s my garlic and olive oil and some more acid, so I blended that in as well. Big mistake. The orange juice accentuated the sweetness of everything else. It wasn’t bad, it just couldn’t t pass for salsa. Maybe I’ll use it as a sauce for fish.


Yah, it’s not as easy as it seems. My girlfriend makes really excellent, vibrant salsas with very few ingredients. She shared a recipe and I thought it would be easy… not. Mine didn’t taste balanced at all.


Why would you put olive oil in salsa?


I was looking at Alton Brown’s recipe as a rough guide. It’s a fairly common ingredient in American salsa recipes.

If I’d added the juice of another lime and left out the mojo de ajo, it would have passed for salsa.


That’s the spirit! :wink:


I came across this a while back and found it helpful.


I don’t think “you can always add more garlic” is great advice, since that’s likely to end up with sharp, raw garlic flavor. With my method there’s no need to grate the cheese or chop the basil before putting them in the food processor.


I couldn’t agree with you more. I think that’s, what?, a cliche. I’m a recipe follower and when it’s a cook who I trust I use the amount of garlic they specify. I figure they get “paid the big bucks” for a reason.


Oh, I very often increase the amount of garlic in a recipe if I think it could use more.

I just don’t think adding raw garlic to a finished dish is a good idea, especially an uncooked dish.


I don’t like raw garlic.


I haven’t made pizza in the longest time. For some reason this one was especially good. One thing different is pesto from Costco, just lightly brushed on. And a few mandoline-slices of ‘good’ tomato. And, no, I still don’t make my own crust :frowning:


My attempt at fried chicken . Some big ole thighs .


This batch was better. Drizzled a little bit of Frank’s red hot over it .


What’s your recipe?.. if you don’t mind. :slight_smile:


I brine the chicken in salt water 4 hours to overnight. Dump out the brine . Rinse and put clean water in with the chicken to cover . Crack 2 eggs and whisk. Put those eggs into the water with the chicken and mix. I use ap flour and add some panko also. Then add a little baking powder. Use whatever you like for seasoning to the flour . I dont measure . Old bay , black pepper, cayenne , garlic and onion powder. Add vegetable oil to pan . I shallow fry. The temperature of the oil should be around 330 degrees. After dredging the chicken in flour. I put that in a grocery bag . I do let the chicken sit in the flour for a couple minutes. Put the chicken in the oil and turn often . I turn it about every minute so it doesn’t burn. I keep the lid on the pan until almost done around 20 min . Sometimes it cooks quicker. You can hear the bubbles dying down when it is ready.